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We fix broken Persol eyewear

Persol is one of the top-selling brands of sunglasses and spectacle frames. The Italian luxury eyewear brand is part of the Luxottica group and is a frame manufacturer with a long and distinguished pedigree.

The name 'persol' comes from the Italian phrase 'per i sole', which translates into English as 'for the sun'. The original Persol company started manufacturing sunglasses in 1917, mainly for the aviation and motoring markets.

Among the many innovations introduced by the company were the invention of flexible stems in the 1930s and the use of spring hinges, a significant innovation at the time. Persol's reputation soared in 1957 with the launch of Model 649, designed to provide eyewear protection for the tram drivers of Turin. The stylish design grew in popularity, achieving international recognition when Italian movie star Marcello Mastroianni wore a pair in the film Divorce Italian Style.

Use our ENQUIRE ONLINE service for PERSOL glasses repair.

The link with cinema saw Persol launched in the US in the 1960s, and the brand quickly became associated with glamour. With a large research and development budget, the company pushed technology to the limits and promoted its image with extreme sports events such as the Paris-Dakar cross-country rally.

Persol sunglasses are easily recognisable from the distinctive trademark silver arrow on the hinge. Modern eyewear temples are lighter than ever and lend an original, elegant, understated profile to the slim frames.

Persol glasses repair

Experts at AlphaOmega are very familiar with the design of Persol sunglasses frames.
Our fully trained staff can repair bent or damaged Persol frames, replace scratched lenses, fix broken bridges and so on using the latest precision equipment. Modest prices for Persol frame repairs and our fast turnaround time will ensure you will not have long to wait for your sunglasses to be returned to you in near-perfect condition.
See our glasses repair page for more on the cost of Persol sunglasses repairs.

Persol repairs guarantee

AlphaOmega offers an unconditional 12-month guarantee on all Persol glasses or sunglasses repairs that pass through our state-of-the-art repair workshops. Low prices and a fast turnaround make AlphaOmega the number-one repair company in the UK for Persol sunglasses.

Tracking your Persol repair

Customers who use AlphaOmega for their Persol glasses repair get a unique tracking code to check the state of repair on the website anytime. Log in with your password and use the tracker to check on the status of your Persol repair day or night. We are proud of our turnaround time, and many customers are surprised and pleased to get their mended eyewear back before they even think of logging on.

Persol repairs across the range

AlphaOmega can repair all models and styles of Persol sunglasses, including the 649 Series, the 714 Series, Steve McQueen, and Calligrapher Edition, the Galleria 900 Series, Cellor Original, as well as three and four-lens models, Persol Key West, Typewriter, Metal Capsule, Reflex, Combo Evolution, Materia, La Casa de Papel and Titanium Collection. All the frames that pass through our workshops are expertly cleaned and polished after repair.

Comment on our Persol repairs

Superb service. You repaired my beloved and sadly no longer made Persol sunglasses. Clear and upfront quotation process and glasses returned repaired within 48 hours. Many thanks.

Chris p. leeds

Having purchased some Persol Steve Mcqueen's I tried but to no avail to fit some new polarised lenses having broken my original ones removing them. No optician would touch them as they weren't their lenses or frames. I searched online and having seen AlphaOmega's website I contacted them and to my delight, they offered to fit my lenses for a small fee rather than me snapping the frames or lenses again. Highly recommended thanks!!!

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