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We mend Oliver Peoples eyewear

Oliver Peoples glasses repair is a specialism of AlphaOmega experts. Our repair team can restore any Oliver Peoples glasses across their entire range.

AlphaOmega repair experts can precisely repair any damaged parts of your Oliver Peoples glasses, including frames, lenses, bridges, arms, and more, at our UK service centre using the most modern equipment.

If you decide to send your glasses to AlphaOmega, we will provide you with a tracking code that you can use on our website to check the status of your Oliver Peoples glasses repair at any time.

All you need to do is to use the enquire online page to inform us what repairs are required on your broken Oliver Peoples sunglasses, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We offer an unconditional guarantee on all Oliver Peoples glasses repaired in our workshops.

We will ensure your broken sunglasses are sent back to you in perfect condition, and with our low prices and quick turnaround times, you will see why AlphaOmega is the number one choice for UK glasses repair.

Use our ENQUIRE ONLINE service for OLIVER PEOPLES repair.

About Oliver Peoples Glasses

Oliver Peoples was founded in 1987 in the heart of West Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard with a passion for superior products and a distinctive culture rooted in Los Angeles, California. Since the opening of its first boutique and the launch of its original collection, these core values have remained the foundation of the brand up to the present day.

The first Oliver Peoples collections introduced timeless, sophisticated styles with subtle details and arrays of natural tortoiseshell hues. These vintage aesthetics changed the direction of global eyewear and have remained at the brand's heart. Each style of Oliver Peoples eyewear is conceived and designed in their West Hollywood headquarters. Inspiration is taken from various sources, including films, books, travel magazines and archival pieces, with careful attention paid to each aspect of the frame.

Combining technological advancements and human skill allows each Oliver Peoples frame to be meticulously handcrafted. Makers sculpt the materials and ensure the integrity of the final product by carrying out each step meticulously despite the time required. This production process produces an authentic design featuring distinctive and unique handmade details.

The range of beautiful Oliver Peoples sunglasses frames fixed by AlphaOmega includes Denison, Larrabee and O'Malley sunglasses.

Comments on our Oliver Peoples repairs

I've had my Oliver People's glasses for some now but the right arm hinge rivets had worn and not one of the opticians I took them to had any idea or even a suggestion how to get them repaired! I found AlphaOmega by chance and paid £20, sent them on the 9th August and received them back Friday 11th August. The results were amazing! Rivets sorted, glasses and lenses clean and as new. Can't recommend this company enough! Many thanks and well done the staff at AlphaOmega.


One hundred percent the best money I've ever spent. I dropped my Oliver Peoples sunglasses and scuffed them all around the frame. I thought I'd have to fork out £317 for a new pair, wrong. I paid AlphaOmega £35 and they were returned the next day in the same condition as new. I can't believe it. Absolutely over the moon. Repeat customer for life. Keep up the good work!

Sandra m. altrincham

The service at AlphaOmega was amazing. I thought my fragile Oliver Peoples spectacles were finished after I accidentally sat on them! Not only was the delicate broken arm of my glasses replaced, but they were returned to me like new 48 hours after I posted them! I will be recommending this company to everyone. Thank you so much.

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