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Sunglasses and spectacles are relatively fragile. They can last many years with good care, but they will suffer from wear and tear in regular use, and accidents happen. Many people carry spare pairs for this eventuality, but repairing or replacing the broken ones may still be necessary.

What do you do if you break your glasses

If your glasses get accidentally broken, the first question is, can they be fixed? If the glasses are still under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer or the place where you bought them. Most manufacturer warranties will only cover damage due to faulty parts. Opticians may also advise, but many now only offer minor repairs, and others are only too keen to sell you a new pair.

If the damage is only minor, such as a missing screw, you may be able to carry out a quick glasses fix yourself. For glasses damage you can't fix yourself, AlphaOmega offers a fast, reliable and affordable glasses repair service that is second to none.

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If you're unsure which repair package is best for your needs, fill out the form anyway or contact us directly and a friendly, helpful member of the team will get back with all the help and advice they can.

Should you choose our glasses repair service, we will offer an initial quote, which will be confirmed upon receipt of the broken glasses. Your go-ahead is all that's needed to begin repair work straight away and, where possible, post the fixed glasses back to you on the same day with a 100% no-quibble guarantee. If you need to know how the repair is proceeding, you can use your unique tracking number to check on what is happening.

Some typical workshop repairs

Broken metal bridge


Snapped frame


Broken nose bud

Bridge 05

Bent bridge


Broken metal arm


Busted metal hinge


Crazed lens


Nose bridge snapped

Broken Frames
It's tempting to write off glasses with broken frames. This is a bad idea. Our experts use high-tech equipment to restore 90% of broken frames to their original condition. Many of our customers are amazed at the quality of the broken frame repair. Repaired frames can be as strong as new, and have a virtually invisible join.

Frame straightening
With continued use, frames can become twisted or pulled out of shape. This can make them uncomfortable to wear and often affect vision. Our experts can reshape and straighten frames back to their original condition. This also applies to metal and acetate frames that have become misshapen either through long use or accidental damage.

Hinge Replacement
Hinges connect the frame to the temples. They are easily damaged and sometimes shear off completely. Metal spectacle frames use soldered hinges, while titanium needs spot welding with social equipment. Acetate frame hinges can be glued, heat welded or fixed with new rivets. We can supply and fit high-quality custom hinges to your frames where required.

Broken Temple Arms
We can solder or spot-weld broken temple arms or replace them with original arms where available and return your spectacles to excellent working order. Much depends on the material and the extent of the damage. Some broken arms can be spot-welded with invisible joints, but where this is not recommended, we can supply matched or original replacement temple arms upon request. Sometimes called side arms, legs, temples or wings, we can replace broken spring hinge arms with non-branded side arms in a range of colours and finishes.

Lost Nose Pads
Nose pads help cushion the frame under the nose bridge so that the glasses fit comfortably and securely. Replacing or repairing damaged or lost nose pads is relatively easy, but if you want professional results, our technicians can repair and replace them with hard or soft nose pads and return your glasses to perfect condition.

Deep Cleaning
Deep cleaning removes built-up dirt, grease, and grime from every joint and crevice, giving glasses a much better clean than manual methods.. Ultrasonic cleaners remove visible dirt and microscopic particles to provide a more hygienic clean than traditional cleaning methods. If there is any risk of damage to delicate coating we talk customers through the options before proceeding.

Frame Polishing
Frames are also hand-polished on a dedicated buffing wheel, so the glasses look as good as new. On plastic frames we can remove the white residue that can appear with age to reveal the fresher acetate layer below and bring back the original lustre.

AphaOmega can repair eyewear of all makes and models. We specialise in repairs to luxury sunglasses from leading manufacturers such as Ray-Ban and Oakley. We are also highly skilled in repairs to metal frame glasses, including titanium. You can take a closer look at our glasses repair workshop here.

Cleaning spectacle frames
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Oakley Juliet sunglasses with blue lenses
Juliet Repairs

A complete fix for loose Oakley Juliet nose bridges and other X Metal frames

Juliet Repairs
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A few comments from our customers

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Thank you so much. I couldn't be bothered with postage so I went there myself. Both my pairs of sunglasses were repaired within 20 minutes and AlphaOmega used original Prada parts at the cost of £35 for both. I would definitely recommend AlphaOmega repair services. They told me my frames were a bit bent and straightened them free of charge. Thank you AlphaOmega.


Amazing service. My metal frame glasses broke at the weld joint. I posted them Saturday and they were back with me the following Wednesday morning. The weld was repaired and painted, the nose pieces replaced and a full 'like new' clean. I'm massively impressed with the service received.


What an absolutely brilliant service. I broke the arm off my glasses through the hinge on Tuesday evening, found this company via Google and read the wonderful reviews. Glasses in post by 9am on Wednesday morning. It is now Friday, 11.30am and I am wearing them. The repair is fantastic ... I will definitely be passing the details on. Many thanks AlphaOmega for a terrific service and high-quality repair at a very modest cost.


I am thrilled! I had lost a nose piece on my Bvlgari glasses in a car accident. My opticians said nothing could be done! AlphaOmega have made a fantastic job and returned them within a couple of days. I would highly recommend this firm. Thank you.

Yolanda G. PRESTON

I can't believe you were able to fix my gorgeous Gucci sunglasses. One of the sides had broken off completely when I accidentally stood on them. Within a couple of days they were back with me and are as good as new. Alpha Omega made a bespoke replacement hinge and you cannot see the joins! Thank you so much!


To my horror, my Ray-Ban glasses were damaged in my car, the arm snapped near the hinge. I expected normal opticians to be unable to mend them, but discovered AlphaOmega's reviews. Dubious, I completed the questionnaire and sent photos off for a quote at 7.30pm. To my surprise, a personalised message and quote came back by 8.30pm that evening! Impressed, I sent glasses and the £50 payment the next day. Five days later they were back, perfect, now as new. Many, many thanks for absolutely superb service and for saving me a fortune! I wish I could let everyone know about you!

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