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woman wearing sunglasses and straw hat
Take care of your sunglasses

We asked our glasses repair experts for advice on how best to take care of your sunglasses and keep them in tip-top condition.

Ray Ban Poster Laugh
Does Ray Ban repair sunglasses?

Many clients ask if Ray-Ban repairs glasses and, if so, how much does it cost? What they really want is to get genuine replacement parts.

Glasses repair machine
Fixing Oakley Juliet nose bridges

Many people who own Oakley Juliet sunglasses report problems with the nose bridge getting wobbly. AlphaOmega has a low-cost solution.

ray ban etching
Replacing Ray-Ban lenses

A scratched or cloudy Ray-Ban lens needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Damaged lenses can also affect vision in more ways than one.

Ray Ban aviators airmen
Aviator glasses flying high

Aviator-style sunglass lenses have dominated the sunglasses market ever since with women, in particular, buying into the unique look.

ao rayban dealer brands small
Genuine Ray Ban Repairs

AlphaOmega is now an authorised official UK dealer for Ray-Ban glasses and sunglasses. It means we can now offer customers genuine parts.

sunglasses sky
Guide to sunglass lenses

Sunglass lens technology has come a long way in recent years and new materials are coming onto the eyewear market all the time.

ray ban never hide poster shopping
How to spot fake Ray-Bans

With so many very high-quality fakes on the market, it is easy to be misled into shelling out hard-earned cash for a fake pair of glasses.

Colin Leslie sunglasses
Closer look at glasses frames

Most people buying glasses look at the lenses first to see whether they are the right shape, the correct shade, and the best style.

ancient glasses
Is it glasses or spectacles?

Most people think of glasses as the modern term while spectacles sound just a little bit old-fashioned. They couldn't be more wrong.

basic face shapes
Sunglasses to fit your face

Top-quality glasses are essential for proper eyecare but they need to look good too if you are to wear them with confidence.

titanium spectacles glasses 5756134
Titanium takes off in eyewear

Titanium is a super-light, durable and robust metal which makes it ideal for spectacle frames and a very popular choice for manufacturers.

search page of sunglasses
Choosing the best sunglasses

There is more to choosing sunglasses just because they are the latest craze. There other factors to consider when picking a pair of sunglasses.

oakley sunglasses poster
Oakley leads the field

It is a classic tale of a small backyard outfit growing into one of the biggest and best-known designer sunglasses brands in the world – Oakley.

spectacles anatomy
Anatomy of a glasses frame repair

Glasses frames may well date from ancient times but modern spectacles come many materials, from cellulose acetates to titanium alloys.

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This is where we post articles on various aspects of glasses repair as well as buying guides for our customers. We repair hundred of glasses and sunglasses every week and our expert staff always keep up-to-date with the latest spectacle repair technologies and practice. We can also offer advice on sunglasses frames and lenses. If you have any comments or thoughts about any of the articles listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Customer Feedback

We have repaired glasses from Switzerland, Malta, Spain – even Australia with stories of spectacles crushed by cars, chewed by pets, and written off as 'unrepairable' by professional opticians.

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The team at AlphaOmega pride themselves on first class workmanship and a fast turnaround on all types of glasses repair using specialist tools and high-tech laser welding equipment.

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