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Sunglasses repair tool
Fixing Oakley Juliet nose bridges
06/01/2018 – AlphaOmega

Repairs to the Juliet nose bridge Many people who own Oakley Juliet sunglasses have reported problems with the nose bridge getting loose and wobbly.

ray ban etching
Replacing Ray-Ban lenses
16/02/2017 – AlphaOmega

How to replace Ray-Ban lenses A scratched or cloudy Ray-Ban lens needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Ray Ban aviators airmen
Aviator glasses flying high
20/11/2015 – AlphaOmega

First issued to US wartime pilots in the Second World War, the aviator-style sunglasses quickly soared to giddy fashion heights.

ao rayban dealer brands small
Genuine Ray Ban Repairs
06/09/2015 – AlphaOmega

AlphaOmega is now an authorised official UK dealer for Ray Ban glasses and sunglasses with genuine parts for Ray Ban repairs.

sunglasses sky
Guide to sunglass lenses
01/09/2015 – AlphaOmega

Choosing which sunglasses lens to buy was pretty straight forward once but the sheer range of options available today requires a long hard look.

ray ban never hide poster shopping
How to spot fake Ray-Bans
11/08/2015 – AlphaOmega

Here at AlphaOmega Glasses Repair we handle broken Ray-Ban sunglasses every day so we know a thing or two about how to sort fake Ray-Bans.

Colin Leslie sunglasses
Closer look at glasses frames
05/08/2015 – AlphaOmega

Most people buying sunglasses look at the lenses first. They ask themselves are if the lenses are the right shape, the right shade, and right style.

ancient glasses
Is it glasses or spectacles?
19/07/2015 – AlphaOmega

Almost everyone today uses the term glasses to refer to what were once widely referred to as spectacles. So which is right – glasses or spectacles?

basic face shapes
Sunglasses to fit your face
11/07/2015 – AlphaOmega

With so many styles of sunglasses finding the right pair can be a problem. Face shape has a strong bearing on the styles that suit you.

titanium spectacles glasses 5756134
Titanium takes off in eyewear
10/07/2015 – AlphaOmega

Titanium is a great material and premium spectacle manufacturers have started using titanium for their high-end spectacle brands.

search page of sunglasses
Choosing the best sunglasses
10/07/2015 – AlphaOmega

There is more to choosing sunglasses just following the latest craze. There are lots of other factors to consider when picking a pair.

oakley sunglasses poster
Oakley leads the field
05/07/2015 – Jeremy Guest

The Oakley story is a classic tale of a small backyard outfit growing into one of the biggest sunglasses brands in the world.

spectacles anatomy
Anatomy of a glasses frame repair
03/06/2015 – AlphaOmega

Modern day spectacle frames come in all sorts of materials, from acetates to titanium. AlphaOmega needs to stay at the cutting edge.

teenagers sunglasses tinted
Sunglasses repair and lenses
06/04/2015 – AlphaOmega

Repairs to damaged lenses are a regular feature at AphaOmega. We like customers understand the basics of sunglasses lens repair.

Dollarphotoclub 18852383 broken glasses
Materials in repairing glasses
05/04/2015 – AlphaOmega

Our glasses repair workshops handle spectacles and sunglasses manufactured from a huge range of materials.

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This is where we post articles on various aspects of glasses repair as well as buying guides for our customers. We repair hundred of glasses and sunglasses every week and our expert staff always keep up-to-date with the latest spectacle repair technologies and practice. We can also offer advice on sunglasses frames and lenses. If you have any comments or thoughts about any of the articles listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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