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The staff at AlphaOmega pride themselves on first-class artistry and a fast turnaround on all types of glasses repair and spectacle repairs. We offer a brief tour of our workshops so that you can see for yourself a typical day in the life of AlphaOmega.

The working day starts early in the morning when we collect daily packages of broken glasses from the mail depot. They are quickly sorted and labelled when they arrive to ensure no mix-ups.

We aim at a same-day turnaround in the workshop, so it is essential that we operate smoothly and efficiently with no mix-ups, mistakes or lost parts.

Glasses that need a simple repair or clean-up are allocated straight away, with each pair of spectacles given a thorough check beforehand to ensure there is nothing wrong we were unaware of.

Spectacles that require new parts are set aside for staff to check that replacement parts are in stock. We carry an enormous range of replacement parts for generic models and designer glasses.

Many customers, especially owners of branded luxury designer sunglasses, demand original and genuine replacements. If we don't have any in stock (a rare event), we order straight away and warn the customer of any delay.

Tracking your glasses repair

We also appreciate that other customers are concerned about posting their much-loved and expensive designer sunglasses to an online service. To reassure them that their favourite glasses are in safe hands, we have an electronic tracking system that follows the progress of a glasses repair through every stage.

Customers can log on to the website with a unique tracking code to follow the glasses repair process at every stage. Most clients are delighted to hear that their repair is finished and the glasses have already been sent by return post before they even get a chance to log on.

As the official registered agent for many top designer brands, such as Oakley and Ray-Ban, we can get genuine and original parts sent directly from the manufacturer using a top-priority service. This service is not available to many glasses repair companies who can only offer their customers generic replacement parts and lenses.

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Latest high-tech equipment

Our workshops boast all the specialist tools necessary to carry out the most intricate and complex repairs on all makes and models of glasses and sunglasses. We also use high-tech laser welding equipment when necessary to ensure a perfect repair that is guaranteed for 12 months.

We are confident we can repair 99% of the glasses sent to us, even those opticians have declared beyond repair. We have carried out repairs on tens of thousands of spectacles and glasses, so there is nothing that we have not seen before.

Repairs can include snapped arms, broken hinges, replacement lenses, lost nose pads, stripped screws, bent bridges, you name it. We have repaired spectacles chewed by dogs, mangled by children, crushed in car doors, stepped on, sat on, and even set on fire. We are confident we can fix it.

And it doesn't matter what materials have been used in glasses frame construction. We can repair glasses made from all types of metal and metal alloys, including lightweight aluminium and titanium. Many sunglasses are manufactured from plastic acetates, sometimes infused with nylon, and their repair is no problem for our fully trained glasses repair experts.

We can't guarantee to repair everything, but if it can be fixed, we are confident we can restore it. And once the job is finished, the glasses are sent straight back to you in the post, usually on the same day they land on our repair desk. Many clients are delighted at the repairs' quality and our speedy turnaround times. Check out our FEEDBACK PAGE if you want to learn more.

Designer sunglasses repair and more

We repair all makes and models of spectacles and sunglasses, including Oakley, Ray-Ban, Dior, Prada, Chanel and Gucci. Even rare and unknown brands won't defeat us, although we may have to use custom parts if the originals are no longer obtainable. We use only the highest quality generic replacement parts from the most reputable suppliers, and we won't begin a repair until we have the full go-ahead from the customer.

Our experienced restorers are experts in using micro laser welders and trained in specialist electro-plating techniques to ensure your repaired spectacles will look as good as new.

And remember that even undamaged spectacles can benefit from an occasional thorough overhaul, and AlphaOmega can carry out a deep clean and polish of your spectacles and sunglasses at very reasonable rates.

All glasses repairs carried out by AlphaOmega, are covered by our incredible unconditional 12-month guarantee, so you can understand why we are considered the number one spectacle frame repair experts with satisfied customers going back more than 20 years.

If you have a problem with your glasses, sunglasses or spectacles then use our enquiry service for FREE with absolutely no obligation. We look forward to repairing your glasses:


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