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AlphaOmega gets many requests to restore broken or scratched lenses with either original branded or custom glasses lens replacements.

As a registered authorised dealer for top-selling brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci and Police, we can source genuine and original replacement lenses so that your designer sunglasses can be posted back to you looking and feeling like new.

AlphaOmega is a specialist in both Ray-Ban replacement lenses and Oakley glasses lens replacements and, as an authorised dealer, can offer genuine replacement parts.

Often, our customers prefer not to pay the premium prices for designer brands, but they still want a superior quality lens that gives their sunglasses a unique look and feel.

Lens replacement options

AlphaOmega has teamed up with manufacturers of high-quality custom replacement lenses for all the top-name sunglasses brands. These are available at a fraction of the price of designer lenses but remain of the highest quality. Check out the Lens replacement options below:

Custom Lens ReplacementsRay-Ban Lens replacmentsOakley Len Replacements

Or use our ENQUIRE ONLINE page to describe the lens you need. A member of the AlphaOmega team will contact you within 24 hours to explain what we can do to restore your lenses to mint condition.

Removing scratches from lenses

Many AlphaOmega customers ask if we can remove scratches from sunglass lenses. We recommend that you do not try to repair a scratched lens. Despite what you hear, there is no easy way to remove lens scratches. If you attempt to remove blemishes, you will make matters worse.

Trying to polish out deep scratches may make the lens less clear. It can also remove crucial coatings and even thin out lens areas, ruining prescription lenses and ensuring poor vision with non-prescription lenses. Our advice is to fit new replacement lenses every time. They will not cost as much as you think, and your glasses will be as good as new. Save yourself the hassle; let us do the work.


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We repair broken glasses from all over the world, with many written off as 'unrepairable' by professional opticians.

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