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AlphaOmega specialises in the repair and restoration of vintage eyewear. With their wide experience and using the latest technology, our experts can restore vintage and classic eyewear frames to their original brilliance.
Glasses and sunglasses can become damaged over time. Metal plating fades, frames are bent, nose pads are broken or lost through regular wear and tear or from some calamitous event.
Classic retro sunglasses from established brands often make a winning return to the fashion scene. Stylish shades from the past often catch the eye of modern consumer with their nostalgic appeal and timeless charm.
Vintage frames often have sentimental value well beyond their retail price. Older models can be discontinued, and parts are difficult to find. This is where AlphaOmega can help.
We have the expertise, the experience and the technology to bring your vintage eyewear back to life. Outline your problem, and we will tell you what we can do with a free quote and guaranteed results.


Vintage eyewear as good as new

Sometimes, your vintage sunglasses are so good you don't want to throw them away, even when they have lost their sheen and become uncomfortable. Years of use can result in cracked frames, bent arms, wobbly temples, scratched lenses, wonky nose pads and other damage. We pride ourselves on restoring vintage classics to their original glory. We have glowing testimonials from owners of vintage frames who have been delighted with the results of our vintage glasses frame repair service.

Repair Options Juliet Repair  Lenses


Oakley Juliets are among the most frequently requested repair items. Our trained technicians are experts in restoring broken or damaged Juliets. The most common repair is for loose and broken nose bridges, and we have the precision tools and years of expertise in repairing the Oakley Juliet nose bridge and restoring the original flex. AlphaOmega can perform a complete nose bridge rebuild and repair for all models incorporating the Oakley X frame, including disassembling, cleaning, and installing pins, flex couplers and orbital gaskets.

Repairing retro sunglasses

Celebrities in the music and movie worlds have played a big role in shaping fashion trends. Audrey Hepburn's cate-etc frames, Bob Dylan's Wayfarers and John Lennon's round sunglasses have helped make retro glasses a blazon of sophisticated style. Household name brands are always ready to relaunch comeback models based on vintage flair, but many prefer the original, authentic eyewear. These are among the most popular retro sunglasses we receive daily for repair.

The sweeping cut of cat-eye glasses has a glamorous, feminine vibe that appeals to every age. The iconic style took off in the 1950s and has repeated its charm to every generation.

Originally designed for use by fight limits in World War III, the large teardrop lens has a cool vibe that never seems to fade.

Popularised by the 1960s counter-culture and a favourite of musicians and artists, round eyewear still makes a bold fashion statement.

With their bold frames, Wayfarers were introduced by Ray-Ban in the 1950s but became highly popular in the 1970s and are now considered the most classic retro style.

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