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Burberry eyewear repair by AlphaOmega

The expert repair team at AlphaOmega UK have significant experience in mending a broad range of Burberry glasses and sunglasses.

Eyewear repairs for Burberry frames, lenses, bridges, arms, pads and more can be done by our professional technicians.

The AlphaOmega UK sunglasses repair service centre is equipped with the latest in precision repair equipment to ensure the highest quality of Burberry glasses repair.

All you have to do is to use the ENQUIRE ONLINE page to tell us what repairs need on your broken Burberry sunglasses. Any enquiry will be responded to, free of charge, by a member of the AlphaOmega team within 24 hours.

Upon making your order at AlphaOmega sunglasses repair service UK, you will receive a unique tracking code that allows you to log into our website and follow the status of your Burberry repair.

We are confident that our high-quality fast repairs and low prices will leave you very satisfied with AlphaOmega's Burberry sunglasses repair service.

About Burberry sunglasses

Burberry has been a stalwart of British design quality since its founding in 1856 England by Thomas Burberry. Since then Burberry has become a global leading luxury brand, with Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Wales granting the company Royal Warrants and with over 500 stores in over 50 countries.

Inspired by the brand's other innovative accessories, Burberry's eyewear collection has run since 2006 and incorporates many iconic elements that are recognisable from other collections.

Modern designers add flair whilst maintaining the originality of Thomas Burberry ís classic designs. Autumnal and neutral colours are often used with shades like amber, fawn, grey and brown making the glasses wearable all year round.

The latest ranges of Burberry sunglasses are stylish accessories for both men and women. With a history of endurance, classicism and functionality the Burberry brand is synonymous with quality.

Glasses repair — some of our satisfied customers

We mend all models and styles of Burberry sunglasses. We also fix all brands of broken spectacles and sunglasses in our specialist workshops including models from luxury sunglasses manufacturers such as Ray-Ban, D&G, Oakley, Gucci, Police and Prada. We also offer a replacement lens service for customers with scratched or damaged eyewear lenses.



My Lacoste sunglasses had broken in transit after my holidays, the frame had snapped and the arms were all bent and loose and the lens had popped out. I tried local glasses shops and no one could help. I came across AlphaOmega from my Google search and from the initial enquiry to receiving back my sunglasses (in A1 condition) the process was so slick. Very impressed with the quality of repair, the efficient service and the cost. I highly recommend this company!


I am thrilled! I had lost a nose piece on my Bvlgari glasses in a car accident. My opticians said nothing could be done! AlphaOmega have made a fantastic job and returned them within a couple of days. I would highly recommend this firm. Thank you.


Extremely impressed! I posted the glasses on Wednesday and received them back on Friday. The arm broke off my glasses after I dropped them and they needed a new hinge ... They feel brand new! I don't know what else they did but they feel in better condition than prior to the break. Very, very impressed and very reasonable pricing — will definitely use again.

Melissa W. WIDNES

Seriously impressed with the efficiency and speed of this service. After taking my broken Ray-Bans into several glasses shops, including the Ray-Ban store itself, I was told they were unfixable. I sent them on Tuesday afternoon and received them back good as new on Thursday morning! Thank you for doing such a good job on them, I really can't believe how quick it was. Some really impressive customer service. At £20 I couldn't be happier. Thank you!

Natalie C. LONDON