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At AlphaOmega we get hundreds of enquiries about glasses repair. Customers contact us from across the UK, Europe and beyond with tales of broken spectacles.

We have handled queries from Switzerland, Malta, Spain — even Australia with stories of spectacles crushed by car doors, chewed by pets, broken by children and even written off as 'unrepairable' by professional opticians.

We pride ourselves on being able to help with even the most difficult glasses repair and, over the years, we have received thanks from hundreds of satisfied customers.

We publish negative comments too but you won't find many as they are so rare and, with our no quibble repair refund pledge, we do our very best to keep our customers happy. To comment on AlphaOmega service please click on Add Your Comments below. We are also now on TrustPilot so if you prefer to leave an independent review then click the icon.

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Sunglasses repair
  • Grace Piper23rd May 2019 5:26pm

    Wow! These lot can perform miracles. After part of my sunglasses' arm snapped off, many high end glasses repair shops said it wasn't possible to fix. AlphaOmega fixed them within a day or so and had them back to me two working days after I sent them. They're like new. Such amazing prices and great customer service. You can trust them 100%! Thanks!

  • Ian Wicks22nd May 2019 10:12pm

    Amazing service as always. My sunglasses were repaired 11 months ago and the original issue started to occur again. I contacted AlphaOmega and they agreed to repair free of charge as it was within the 12 month guarantee. I posted on a Thursday morning and they were back with me fully repaired on Saturday morning. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

  • Andrew Grice22nd May 2019 1:08pm

    Wow, what service. Sent on Monday and got them back on Wednesday. Excellent repair job, thank you so much.

  • Jodie Jodie8th May 2019 11:35am

    Excellent service. I'm very happy with my sunglasses lense replacement. Five stars.

  • Barrie Cooper7th May 2019 2:05pm

    Don't bother looking elsewhere, these people are the absolute best. I can't praise them highly enough. Top, top service.

  • Bill Sibbo2nd May 2019 10:02pm

    Absolutely excellent service to my glasses. The Oakley nose bridge repair service had an extra damaged seal done for free. I received them back two days after sending. Top Service.

  • Jenna Faulkner26th April 2019 2:58pm

    I thought I would never get my beautiful Fendi sunglasses repaired in Spain and I was right. By accident almost I found AlphaOmega and problem solved!! Such a quick turnaround and professional service. The only place to go for repairs to much loved, expensive eyewear. Thanks a million to the team in repairs at Alpha Omega. Jenna, Benalmádena, Malága.

  • Bill Stone25th April 2019 12:26pm

    Brilliant and very speedy repair on some unusual Ray-Ban frames and lenses. The repair had already been turned down by one website so I was chuffed to have AlphaOmega say yes and then do the repair so brilliantly. Had been initially a tad cautious of having to pay in advance but the lenses tbf did have to be imported from Italy especially. Very happy with the repair and the company. Very happy to recommend.

  • Sophia Shepherd17th April 2019 7:29pm

    Really quick service and my favourite glasses are fixed. It's hardly noticeable that there was damage in the first place. There was a bit of an issue with the website and payment that caused slight panic but I just included this information when sending my glasses off and everything was fine. Overall extremely happy!

  • Michael Bolton4th April 2019 3:37pm

    I live in the Isle of Man. Despite that my glasses were delivered back in perfect condition less than 2 days after I posted them to AlphaOmeg and at a very reasonable cost, I cannot fault such service.

  • Dion Richards25th March 2019 2:31pm

    Posted LOZZO Titanium rimless glasses on a Friday for weld repair, arrived @ AlphaOmega early Monday and were posted back to me same day. I received them Tuesday morning. Excellent repair and service. Thank you.

  • Michael James Whitaker19th March 2019 11:26am

    Excellent service for a difficult Titanium frame repair. My glasses were returned with unbelievable speed virtually over a weekend. Could not be more pleased. I have no problems in recommending this company.

  • Adam Christie16th March 2019 5:47pm

    Thank you so much! Really quick turnaround on a broken arm of a titanium frame. The damage was right at the most fiddly, thinnest point as it went into the plastic bit. Awesome service.

  • Steve Jones14th March 2019 9:22am

    Excellent service. Very professional, very quick and efficient. Thank you. I will definitely use AlphaOmega again and recommend.

  • Gary K12th March 2019 1:00pm

    I damaged the arm bracket on my Rayban sunglasses. All Rayban could offer was selling me another pair, they are only a few months old! AlphaOmega came to the rescue and repaired them for only £20. The repair only took three days and they were back with me. First class service and I would definitely use them again. Well done to you guys.

  • Joannis Joannou9th March 2019 5:22pm

    AlphaOmega is an excellent first class service in glasses repair. I had my Armani metal frame broken at the bridge. Opticians have not been able to help. I didn't want to give up and after searching online I came across AlphaOmega. I called and enquired and feeling fully satisfied I sent them up to Crewe in Cheshire on Thursday 14.00pm. The next morning at 9.30am I received the assessment and payed by card. £42 for a titanium mending, new nose pads and the return registered postage. The glasses arrived on Saturday at 11.00am by post parcel. Many thanks and best wishes to AlphaOmega and dedicated staff.

  • Roger Williams6th March 2019 1:33pm

    It was a great service. The flexible bridge on my old Oakley sunglasses had been broken for some time but I couldn't find anyone to fix them. Just by chance I found AlphaOmega online and the time from my initial enquiry to receiving them back took just a week. They are stronger now than when I originally bought them. Many thanks to you guys, first class service.

  • Alan Sekers6th March 2019 12:10pm

    Unbelievably rapid, quality service. I've been wearing rimless glasses for thirty years, I didn't know you could repair them until now (could have saved a fortune). You turned the job around in 48 hours, wow. Thank you so much.

  • Antony Smith6th March 2019 10:05am

    I broke these glasses weeks after purchasing so they are like new apart from the accident damage. I sent them to AlphaOmega on Monday and got them back fixed, cleaned and even with replaced parts I didn't know I needed, all for the original quote. Incredible service, do not hesitate.

  • Roger Williams5th March 2019 12:56pm

    First class service. After several years of struggling with my partially broken Oakley sunglasses, I found AlphaOmega online. From initial enquiry to receiving them back took just one week. They're better now than they ever were. Can't recommend you guys enough, brilliant service. Many, many thanks.

  • Lilian Heathcote5th March 2019 10:23am

    Thank you for repairing my glasses, your service is impeccable. Today I am overwhelmed with the service you have given me. I now have what looks like a new pair of glasses, which the optician said could not be repaired. You have reinstated my faith in reliable fast and extremely valued business acumen. Many thanks.

  • Sue Horan1st March 2019 11:23am

    Along with loads of other positive comments, I am also very very impressed with the service I have received and amazed at AlphaOmega's prices. All the opticians I asked for repair quotes just told me it was not possible to mend my specs. I sent them off Wednesday, February 27th and have just had them back this morning, Friday 1st March. Fantastic! I will always pass on this company's details along with my complete satisfaction with the service I have experienced. Thanks very much.

  • Mara Gibbons1st March 2019 8:57am

    My favourite pair of glasses got bent out of shape when I fell down some stairs and broke my wrist. Boots said they couldn't be repaired but directed me online and we found AlphaOmega. From a photograph of the damage, we were quoted a price (really reasonable). I sent them off on Wednesday and got them back on Friday as good as new. So happy.

  • Jon Davies28th February 2019 11:58am

    I am very happy! I sent my glasses for repair on Tuesday and by Thursday they have been returned repaired. Fantastic service. Thank you.

  • Paul Scott28th February 2019 10:26am

    I can't praise AlphaOmega enough. I had a broken pair of very thin rimmed specs which I thought could never be repaired. After a quote of £20.00 plus postage I sent them off on Monday afternoon and I received them back on Thursday morning. They were fully repaired, serviced and polished. I will recommend this company to all my family and friends.

  • Patricia Boast23rd February 2019 4:55pm

    Prompt and quick service, excellent. The glasses are fine. My only quibble is it didn't say on the invoice what had actually been repaired/replaced.

    Editor's comment: Thank you for your feedback, we do appreciate any comments on the service we offer as they help us to give our customers a better experience.
    We normally just put on the paperwork which package was bought at the time and not specifically which area and what type of work is carried out. This helps in our invoicing process as we promise to return the same day we receive them. However, this does not help you to know what work we have done should you forget. We will consider your comments and make any changes going forward. Thank you again.

  • Jane G-Thomas22nd February 2019 11:30am

    Absolutely unbelievable service! I posted on Wednesday and they were returned as new on Friday for minimal cost. Designer titanium frame had broken and an optician claimed it couldn't be repaired and that I'd need to buy a new one. Will be telling all my friends about you. Thank you!

  • Jackie Harris6th February 2019 8:35pm

    Fabulous service, I posted Monday afternoon and they were delivered to me repaired by Wednesday morning. I sat on my glasses and broke the arm off. Repaired perfectly!

  • AL6th February 2019 6:05pm

    Fantastic service, excellent repair and returned very speedily. Very satisfied.

  • Eric Gill1st February 2019 10:14am

    I could not have asked for a better service, posted on Wednesday and received mended on Friday. The service exceeds my wildest expectations and the repair is so good that I had problems deciding which hinge had been broken and repaired. I fully recommend AlphaOmega and many thanks for such professional work.

  • David Hanley30th January 2019 4:36pm

    So pleased that I found AlphaOmega after my optician said my glasses were un-repairable. Sent them Monday at 2pm and they were back and looking good as new on Wednesday morning. Super service from a company that I would not hesitate to recommend. Thank you.

  • Ola Famojuro28th January 2019 2:13pm

    Thanks for a prompt, quality service. The quality of repairs to my frame are unbelievable. I am very pleased and will recommend/use again. Thanks.

  • James Hodge10th January 2019 6:18pm

    I'm amazed at such great customer service and haven't experienced that for a while. To send a pair of glasses on Tuesday and have them back fully repaired by the Thursday, less than 48 hours later, for just £20 (plus very reasonable p&p express delivery) is superb. Very highly recommended.

  • BarryHamilton4th January 2019 8:30pm

    AlphaOmega sourced parts and repaired a coveted pair of 20 year old Jaeger spectacles. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you.

  • Wendy Ricketts24th December 2018 4:23pm

    I cannot praise AlphaOmega enough. I had two pairs of broken designer, high prescription glasses that came in at around £500 each. I was upset at the thought of just throwing them away when I discovered this website. I was quoted £20 for each repair and couldn't be more pleased with the results. Both were flawlessly repaired and the frames straightened. They arrived at AlphaOmega on the Friday and were back with me on the Saturday in perfect time for Christmas. I would definitely use this wonderful service again.

  • Martin Chadwick22nd December 2018 4:15pm

    Absolutely first class service. A well-organised website and clear information. Three days in total for glasses to be sent, repaired and returned home. I saved hundreds, as Boots wanted to sell me a new pair! Many thanks, AlphaOmega.

  • Dave Peters21st December 2018 12:55pm

    I thought my treasured Ray-Ban sunglasses were lost after they were badly buckled, distorted and had a lens come out after being accidentally sat on in a car journey. I got a quote, then posted them off to AlphaOmega. They have just been returned to me in within a few short days, as good as brand new. I couldn't be more delighted.

  • Paul Beaton17th December 2018 12:27pm

    It was just a minor repair but without which my glasses were unusable. The nose pad had completely broken off. I posted them on Thursday and they were delivered back to me the following Monday. Fabulous service!

  • Gucci Glasses Repair4th December 2018 3:14pm

    My eighteen-month-old baby secretly took my glasses and bent them. I thought that they were repairable by my specs provider said they said they weren't fixable. I found Alpha Omega who were so helpful, gave me a quick turnaround and fixed them at such a reasonable price. Thankfully I didn't have to buy a new pair of glasses as I love my current ones and they weren't cheap to replace. Thanks to the team at AlphaOmega!

  • Mikle Lees30th November 2018 2:44pm

    Wonderful and top notch service. AlphaOmega gave good advice over the phone, so I sent off fairly new rimless glasses that had broken in two by being sat on! Self-repair did not work. As promised, the specs were returned within 48 hours by secure post, repaired to almost new condition. Thanks to Mark, Dave and friends for a great job. Lesson learned — if you break your specs then forget the super glue and give AlphaOmega a call!

  • John C.28th November 2018 12:09pm

    Fan Mail. From my initial phone call to the return of repaired glasses (as good as new) in three days. It was a remarkable, friendly, professional service. Thank you.

  • Clare Buxton18th November 2018 8:06pm

    On retirement, I treated myself to some Rayban sunglasses. To my horror they were damaged in my car, the arm snapped near the hinge. I expected normal opticians to be unable to mend them but discovered AlphaOmega's reviews. Dubious, I completed the questionnaire and sent photos off for a quote at 7.30pm. To my surprise, a personalised message and quote came back by 8.30pm that evening! Impressed, I sent glasses and the £50 payment the next day. Five days later they were back, perfect, now as new. I've continued to wear them all summer. Many, many thanks for absolutely superb service and for saving me a fortune! I wish I could let everyone know about you! Lucky I looked online that night.

  • Marilyn Macaluso17th November 2018 12:19pm

    Delighted to have my Red or Dead sunglasses back so quickly and fully restored. Fantastic service — thanks very much!

  • Amanda Sweeting16th November 2018 12:30pm

    My goodness I knew your reviews were good but I was not expecting such a rapid turnaround and such an excellent repair job. I had been to three opticians before I went online, who all told me the arm was not reparable. I cannot recommend you guys highly enough. Thank you.

  • Stuart Prescott4th November 2018 3:33pm

    It is rare that I complain or indeed give praise to companies that I deal with but in the case of AlphaOmega I am moved to make an exception. I trod on my Armani glasses, breaking and twisting the frame. Having received a quote of £20, plus secure postage, I sent them off for repair and received them back within a couple of days as good as new. I am extremely impressed with AlphaOmega Glasses Repair service and would thoroughly recommend them. Many thanks.

  • Monika Mladenova31st October 2018 10:29am

    Hey, guys I just want to confirm that the AlphaOmega team are professionals. I broke parts of my glasses totally. I was so sad but then I found this company on the internet and my hope came back. I sent the glasses and they repaired them very quickly and did a really briliant job. Thanks once again AlphaOmega.

  • Alexander Thomson23rd October 2018 4:25pm

    I posted the glasses on Saturday to AlphaOmega and they were returned to me on Tuesday, looking like new! What a fantastic service! These folks certainly know their way around a set of spectacles. As for cost, I thought my Oakley reading glasses were wrecked and would be needing new frames. But for £20 plus return postage, all sorted. Five stars to this company!

  • Verdi Y18th October 2018 10:09pm

    I was delighted to discover that AlphaOmega could repair my rimless spectacles. They did a brilliant job, returned them like new and within three days. Highly recommended. Thank you.

  • Monica Hartley14th October 2018 10:33pm

    The service was incredible. The glasses were sent on Tuesday afternoon and came back Thursday morning. I had completely snapped the arm off my Moscot glasses and they came back as new. I was so impressed and it was so reasonably priced. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this company.

  • Sharon McNamara10th October 2018 9:54pm

    I sent my daughter's Ray-Ban spectacles for repair after they had been sat on! They came back in two days. I'm very pleased with the service I received and the good communication via email regarding my repair. I would definitely use this service again. Thank you AlphaOmega.

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