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Titanium takes off in eyewear

Titanium makes the grade

Titanium is an excellent material being both durable and very light. Therefore, it isn't surprising that premium spectacle manufacturers have started using titanium to produce their high-end spectacle brands.
No other engineering metal has risen so swiftly to pre-eminence in critical and demanding applications. Titanium is a super-light, durable and robust metal, making it ideal for spectacle frames.
It is corrosive resistant making it perfect for people who live around saltwater or have a skin acidity type that is very high.
Not only is titanium a fashionable material, but it is also generally comfortable to wear.

Titianium alloys

Titanium is expensive compared to other frame materials. Some well-known frame designers use titanium alloys or titanium combined with other metals to combat the costs. These metals often include copper and nickel, which can change the end product's look and feel. Despite all this, titanium eyewear can still break and Alpha Omega has invested in titanium welding equipment to ensure that we can keep up with the trend.

Repairs to titanium frames

Repairing titanium frames the traditional way by soldering will not last. Laser welding is the only process that bonds the broken metal together. This is done under a microscope, allowing our technicians to get a perfect join on the break. Laser welding gives a spotless finish; in many cases, it is impossible to see the repair. With laser welding Alpha Omega has also been able to save the many decorative stones that come on ladies' designer frames, again giving peace of mind that you will have the best finish possible with our repairs.

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