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Anatomy of a glasses frame repair

Keeping pace with glasses design

Glasses frames may well date from ancient times, but modern-day spectacle frames come in all sorts of materials, from cellulose acetates to titanium alloys.
It means that our experts at AlphaOmega need to stay at the cutting edge of spectacle and glasses frame repair to keep pace with the latest in glasses frames materials and design.
Each year, top designer glasses manufacturers do their best to outperform competitors by announcing revolutionary advances in the use of new materials in glasses frames and lenses.
New plastics always make their appearance on the market, while metal alloys continue to make their mark in the high-profile designer glasses world.

Sunglasses in many materials

Most glasses frames today are fabricated from plastic derivatives or metal alloys, but they can be manufactured in any workable material, and it is not uncommon in these days of eco-awareness to see spectacle frames made of wood, paper or even bamboo.
Plastic frames can be made tougher with the use of polycarbonates or more flexible by incorporating the latest acetate plastics that combine durability with flexibility and reduce the chance of breakage.
Similarly, certain metal alloys may be chosen to improve spectacle frame strength, and durability or others may be preferred for their hypoallergenic properties that ensure spectacle frames do not irritate the skin.

Innovation is the key

Innovation goes far beyond the choice of materials in spectacle and sunglasses frame design.
Modern-day glasses, for example, come in a huge range of colours and textures. Tiny screws can attach components that make up glasses frames, or they can simply be snapped into place to make the most of innovative replacement fixtures.

Big design advances

Recent years have seen major improvements in the design of many different parts of the spectacle frame.
Contemporary nose pads, for example, ensure glasses fit comfortably and determine how the lenses are positioned in front of the face. The latest silicone pads are not only super lightweight but also offer a firmer grip that prevents glasses from slipping out of place during wear.

Challenging repairs

AlphaOmega glasses repair experts are only too aware that frame repair can sometimes offer unique challenges, and it all goes to make the skill of spectacle repairs a testing but rewarding occupation.
Most frames are manufactured in three parts: the front piece and the left and right temples.

The nose bridge

Our technicians understand that the bridge is one of the most important components in glasses frame construction. Not only does the bridge support the glasses on the nose, but it holds the lenses in a precise orientation to the user's eyes. This can be of vital importance, for example, in repairing glasses with prescription lenses.
Bridges come in all shapes and sizes. The bridge in plastic glasses frames may be a 'keyhole' or 'saddle' type, a reference to how it sits in the nose.
It may have rocking nose pads attached, they can incorporate a bridge insert of moulded plastic, or they may be integrally moulded into the glasses frame.
The bridge also connects the apertures that hold the lenses. Glasses can be fully rimmed or half-rimmed and again can come in a wide range of thicknesses and materials.

The frame temples

Glasses frame temples support the spectacles on the ears and they can come in a bewildering variety of shapes and styles.
The three most common temple styles are the 'library', 'skull' and the 'riding'. The skull temple is the most common as it bends gently around the ear, lightly bending inwards to hug the skull.
The library temple sits on top of the ear with almost no bend and is useful for people who are removing and replacing their spectacle many times in the day.
The 'riding' temple bends right around the ear and is rarely seen these days but may be used for children's glasses of those with active occupations as the glasses are more likely to stay in place.
Temples can be connected to the front piece in various ways, and it is the wear and tear on these connections that form a major part of frame repairs.
Screws can be broken, lost or damaged; hinges may be broken or worn; spring hinges bent or snapped off, or temples simply misaligned, making the spectacles uncomfortable to wear.

Look for expertise in repairs

These are just a few pointers to the challenges that our highly qualified technicians each day but, no matter how badly damaged your spectacles or sunglasses may be, you can be assured that AlphaOmega will do its very best to find a solution, quickly and cheaply.
We pride ourselves on our skill and expertise in glasses frame repairs and, with a free evaluation and quote, combined with our 12-month guarantee, we believe we offer the best glasses frame repair service in the UK today.

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