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Spectacle repairs make good sense

Glasses are cheaper to repair

A couple of years ago, many in our prosperous society would never have thought of repairing a pair of glasses – even more so, any broken or damaged sunglasses.
Off to the shops we went and indulged ourselves in a little retail therapy. However much we liked them, the old broken glasses inevitably found their way into a back drawer or, even worse, the waste bin.
Once upon a time, pictures of repaired glasses always seemed to feature a sad piece of crinkled Sellotape! Now, it makes sense to get those glasses expertly repaired and save a small fortune. Of course, today's repairs are much more sophisticated. Your glasses can have a completely new lease of life, and you save yourself money into the bargain.
The result of this welcome change in thinking is that some businesses can prosper, even in a recession or under challenging times engendered by the recent COVID pandemic.
Businesses like Alpha Omega Frame Repairs Ltd used to work almost exclusively for opticians, carrying out repairs on their behalf. Now, with the growth of online shopping for goods and services, businesses expanded as orders flooded in from Internet-savvy customers on the hunt for easy, inexpensive ways to get their broken glasses repaired.

Repairing top brand glasses

Sunglasses by the likes of Armani, D&G, Oakley, Police, Prada and Ray-Ban were once luxury speciality products. They have now become much more mainstream.
Sunglasses from top brands like these are well-made top-quality products and far too good to throw away if they suffer damage, or something goes wrong.
If the customer has been wise enough to invest in the best, it makes good economic sense to get them repaired by a specialist if they get broken or damaged.
And with glasses a necessity of life for many wearers, speedy repairs are essential. After all, glasses are expensive, which means a backup pair may not be available.

High-speed glasses repair

Companies like AlphaOmega make sure you will get your glasses back within 48 hours from when you post them. They always start the repair process on the day the broken glasses are received.
Repairs are relatively inexpensive, particularly if the alternative is buying a new pair. The most significant outlay in making repairs is replacing branded parts which can often come priced at a premium.
AlphaOmega will also refit your existing sunglass frames with new lenses.
So, as the dark days of winter arrive and you want your Ray-Bans or Prada's re-glazed for next year, send them in now! Contact us directly for lens availability.

Glasses repaired by post

Online spectacle repairs or sunglasses repair is now so easy. Just pop your frames in a box, pack them with bubble wrap, if you have any, along with your name and address, a cheque or PayPal/Google payment confirmation, and post them to AlphaOmega.
It may be advisable to send them by recorded delivery to ensure they arrive safely. The glasses will be repaired and then returned to you by special delivery. You will find our address on our contact page.
We at Alpha Omega Frame Repairs Ltd offer a fast and efficient service – which is why it's expanding so fast on the internet.
We are happy to answer any query; you can telephone 01270 509242. Feel free to email, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.
Try this sensible way to give your broken glasses and sunglasses a new lease of life. In the dark days of a global recession, it does make sense.

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