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Finding parts for Oakley sunglasses

Finding spares for Oakley eyewear

Wearers of Oakley sunglasses are usually very happy with their purchases and will wear their sunglasses for many years. Occasionally, users will look to replace a broken Oakley part or wish to customise their Oakleys. The choice is between original Oakley replacement parts, searching the aftermarket, or replacing with custom parts explicitly manufactured to replicate Oakley part designs.
Lenses make up a big part of the replacement requests. Lenses are the most likely to get broken or scratched. Authentic Oakley replacement lenses can be purchased directly from Oakley's website, and this is usually the most expensive option. Custom lenses are cheaper, but they are not always as good. Oakley lenses are made from a polycarbonate material that is impact-resistant and provides high UV protection.
Other manufacturers offer high-quality lenses that compare well and even specialist coatings comparable to Oakley's own Iridium and HD polarised lenses. Other replacement parts for Oakley sunglasses include the arms, often called temples or ear stems. Users also ask for replacement ear socks and nose pads, usually silicon or proprietary Unobtanium.

Oakley Sunglasses Warranties

All Oakley eyewear products come with a two-year warranty from the date of purchase. The Oakley warranty is against any manufacturer defects and valid only to the original purchaser with proof of purchase from an authorised Oakley dealer, such as online retailer AlphaSunglasses, which offers discounts on new Oakley sunglasses. Oakley warranties will not cover scratched lenses or other general wear and tear and may be void if the glasses have been altered. It also pays to bear in mind that Oakley's warranties do not cover replacement parts or Oakley's individual custom parts.

Oakley glasses parts service

Apart from AlphaOmega, which offers genuine and original replacement parts for all Oakley sunglasses, the first place to go is Oakley itself. The Oakley website offers a limited selection of parts directly through their website customer support centre. You must register an account on the website and have the model code handy. The code is usually printed on the temple arm's inside and has the letters OO followed by a six-figure number. Replacement parts on offer are mainly restricted to temples, lenses and hinge screws, although these are not always available for all models. The price of components will depend on the frame model and colour, but a temple arm could typically cost from £50 to £70. Lens prices vary depending on the type of replacement lens. Polarised lenses and those with special coatings will cost more. A Prizm lens is typically £65, while an iridium polarised lens could cost closer to £100. The significant advantage of genuine Oakley replacements is that they are guaranteed to fit your sunglasses; the disadvantage is that only a limited range of parts is available, which are typically parts for current Oakley models.

Oakley aftermarket parts

Aftermarket parts can be bought online from various sources. These can be parts retrieved from stripped-down Oakley sunglasses. Online Oakley forums are an excellent place to start, and one of the best-known is at Oakley Headquarters. Forum members often have old Oakley sunglasses to sell, which can be used to provide spares. They are a good source of discontinued models such as X-metals. You probably need to register on a forum, and you will need to check trading rules and practice due diligence when making a purchase. The forums are primarily overseas, so there are shipping charges to consider.

Custom sunglasses parts

Custom parts are specifically manufactured to replicate the original Oakley part. They can be perfectly serviceable and of decent quality but will not be original Oakley replacements. This may not be an issue for many owners who simply want their broken Oakley glasses fixed, but it will matter to those who want original and authentic parts for their expensive Oakley shades. Websites like eBay and Amazon offer a wide range of replacement parts, but these are primarily Oakley-style custom lenses. They may not be original Oakley lenses, but they can be very high quality. In general terms, you get what you pay for, and cheaper options will usually be of lower quality. There are other sellers in this market, so it's a good idea to shop around first to find the best offers. For Oakley Juliet lenses, you need to look no further than AlphaOmega. We stock a wide selection of lenses for Oakley Juliet sunglasses.

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