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Does Ray Ban repair sunglasses?

Genuine Ray-ban replacement parts

Many clients ask if Ray-Ban repairs sunglasses and, if so, how much does it cost? What they really want to know is if they can get genuine replacement parts for their sunglasses repair.
Many glasses frame repair centres will offer Ray Ban repairs but, when pressed, will admit they are unable to provide original parts such as lenses and arms.
They offer proper priced repairs but can only use generic or custom-supplied parts, usually sourced from the Far East.
It is because Ray-Ban's parent company Luxottica is very particular about branding and keeps a very tight reign on those who sell its luxury brand products.
Only approved retailers get access to the Ray-Ban product range. This privileged access proves to be too high a bar for many glasses frame repair workshops.
As a result, they cannot source original and genuine Ray-ban parts for use in sunglasses repair.
Fortunately, AlphaOmega is a fully approved retailer of Ray-Ban eyewear and can therefore offer Ray-Ban glasses repair customers the real deal.
Luxottica does offer a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects, but this does not include lens scratching, wear and tear or accidental damage. Details are given on their warranty web page.

All we need is the code

Replacement parts for your precious Ray-Bans can be guaranteed to come from the manufacturer. If new parts are required, all we need is the model, colour code and size to have your sunglasses returned to you looking good as new. All the necessary codes can be found etched on the temple arm of your Ray-Bans, beginning with the letters RB. Of course, if your sunglasses requires the purchase of original Ray-Ban spare parts, there may be an extra charge to cover the cost.

Wear and tear on sunglasses

It's not only broken parts that can be a problem. Everyday wear and tear can take its toll on your favourite pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. AlphaOmega offers a thorough low-cost check and clean service for customers who want to keep their sunglasses in tip-top shape. And should you need a new or backup pair of Ray-Bans, our sister site AlphaSunglasses has some excellent deals on Ray-Ban and Oakley eyewear products.

Full repair service

AlphaOmega glasses repair service includes lens replacement, hinge replacements, temple arm repairs, a full-frame service and a deep clean. Our fully trained lab technicians use the latest high-tech equipment to ensure a sunglasses repair service second to none.

Fast one-day turnaround

We are also proud of our same-day turnaround for 90% of the repairs we carry out. Our technicians get to work as soon as a customer agrees on the price. Most repairs are completed within hours and posted back to clients on the same working day. Customers may have to wait a little longer if particular parts need to be ordered, but we keep you fully informed, and you can track the status of your repair online at any time.

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