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Take care of your sunglasses

Glasses need genuine TLC

Designer sunglasses can cost a lot of money. Spending several hundred pounds on top-of-the-range designer frames is not unusual these days. AlphaOmega glasses repair experts handle scores of damaged or broken sunglasses daily and restore them to near-perfect condition.
Many customers believe their favourite glasses are beyond repair or that we cannot source genuine replacement parts. However, our trained specialists can repair 99% of damaged glasses to satisfy the most demanding customers.
High-spec sunglasses from top-name brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci and Prada can be repaired using genuine parts, including lenses, arms and hinges. But it is far better to avoid damage wherever possible and keep sunglasses in good shape for as long as possible. We asked our glasses repair experts to offer tips and advice on how best to take care of your treasured sunglasses and keep them in tip-top condition.

Tip 1: Clean sunglasses correctly

Keeping your sunglasses clean is one of the best ways of prolonging their life and keeping them in good condition. It's not advisable to rub your lenses with a sweaty t-shirt or to rub away stains with the nearest piece of cloth that comes to hand. Chances are, you will only end up smearing grease around the lens. Always use a microfibre cleaning cloth designed for glasses or one that came with your sunglasses when you bought them. Remember to clean the arms and nose pads to remove grease and help prevent slipping.

Tip 2: Use a cleaning solution

Use a proprietary lens cleaner to wipe away grease or dirt, and always use a microfibre cloth. Harsh cleansers can contain abrasives that can scour the lens's face, leaving lens replacement the only option. If you don't have a lens cleaner, use a drop of liquid soap in lukewarm water and rinse well afterwards. Never clean them with a dry cloth or something like a paper towel. No matter how smooth it looks, it will have rough fibres and dust to scour the surface. Remember to hold the sunglasses by the lens frame as you clean them to avoid damaging the arms or hinges.

Tip 3: Keep sunglasses in a case

One of the best ways to keep sunglasses is to pop them in a protective case when not using them. Pockets, handbags and purses are often cluttered with sharp objects like metal keys and loose coins. These are the main culprits when it comes to scratches and other damage. A soft protective bag will help, but a hardshell case offers the best protection. If you have nothing else to hand, wrap them in a soft cloth before putting them away.

Tip 4: Handle glasses with care

It helps if those expensive designer shades with respect, but it is remarkable what rough treatment some will get from their owners. Don't yank them off your head, stuff them in a shirt pocket, and accidentally bend the arms or damage the temples. Pushing sunglasses on top of your head is also not a good idea. It may look cool, but it can bend the arms out of shape, so they no longer fit comfortably on the face. And they can easily slip off if you bend over or look down with unfortunate results.

Tip 5: Stay safe on the beach

Designer sunglasses are not the best idea for the beach. The combination of sand granules and seawater is a significant hazard. The sand can scour lenses and grind away at delicate temple hinges, while salt-laden seawater can cause lasting damage to metal components and lens coatings. Cleaning sand from sunglasses frames can create even more problems. If you need sunglasses for beachwear or water sports, use a cheaper pair and keep those expensive shades well-protected inside your beach bag.

Tip 6: Wear a glasses chain loop

They may not be the height of fashion, but wearing a chain loop around the neck is highly recommended to prevent wear and tear. Instead of being crammed into a pocket or left lying around on a table, your favourite, expensive sunglasses will dangle on your chest with less chance of losing or sitting on them. Some glamorous sunglass chain accessories on the market will keep you looking stylish and your sunglasses safe.

Tip 7: Keep glasses safe

Many glasses get damaged or broken when not worn. It pays to keep your sunglasses safe when not wearing them. Do not place them face down on a table or other surfaces, as a single lens scratch can quickly ruin your frames. Never leave sunglasses in a car or anywhere where they might be subject to excessive heat, or it may warp the frame.

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