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Ray Ban repairs from AlphaOmega

Ray-Ban retailer – it's official

AlphaOmega is now an authorised official UK dealer for Ray-Ban glasses and sunglasses. It means AlphaOmega can now offer customers genuine parts for Ray-Ban repairs, including Ray-Ban lenses for most of the models in the company's range.
AlphaOmega can also offer genuine glasses frames, lens replacements and other parts for top brands such as Oakley, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Armani, Police, Bulgari, Persol, Versace and a host of other top designer eyewear.
These days, makers of top designer sunglasses will offer a vast range of styles and options, from scores of frame colours to many different sizes of lenses, arms and bridges.
Replacement lenses, in particular, can come in all sizes, shapes and colours, with a vast range of tinted lenses and many special coatings.

Stock Replacement Parts

Of course, we stock an extensive selection of replacement parts for the most popular brands and models of glasses and sunglasses in our UK warehouse. We can likely find the correct part and provide a same-day glasses repair service. Although we cannot hope to stock every replacement part for every model of sunglasses for every manufacturer, our status as an official authorised dealer for many of the top designer brands gives us direct access to the vast stocks of repair parts.

Genuine designer parts

We can quickly check for the availability of genuine replacement parts for designer sunglasses regarding size, style, colour, tint and any special coatings that may be required. Our glasses repair department can now order the exact replacement parts from the manufacturer's warehouses to match the customer's requirements exactly and have the item delivered within days. Coupled with our super-fast turnaround times for glasses repair, we can confidently offer what we consider the fastest glasses repair and sunglasses repair service in the UK. Most customers can expect their glasses to be fixed and posted back to them on the same working day. We have scores of genuine customer testimonials praising us for the high quality of our repairs and the super-quick service we offer.
Now, with the added status of an authorised dealer to some of the world's biggest brands, AlphaOmega hopes to offer an even better service.

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Lenny M. BATH

My Ray Ban Aviators were in a sorry state, 13 years had taken their toll. After a short discussion on the phone I sent them for repair. Got them back today, as good as new. Your service is second to none. Thanks a million!

Charlotte W. LONDON

So impressed with the clear instructions on how to use AlphaOmega and the great servicing and speed with which my Ray Bans were returned to me. They are as good as new and all within 48 hours of being posted off. Many thanks.


I am really impressed with your service – a turn round of under a week including obtaining the parts from Italy. I liked the small things such as adjusting the arms to match the originals so they fitted without having to make any further adjustments. I would use AlphaOmega again.


New nose pads and welded on one side to fix to frame (Ray-Ban Clubman). Superb repair, just like new! Many opticians would write them off. I cannot praise this company enough, please spread the word! Fantastic service completed in half an hour. Many thanks indeed.

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