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AlphaOmega is an authorised Ray-Ban retailer for the UK which means we can supply genuine and original Ray Ban parts including authentic Ray-Ban replacement lenses, frames, arms and other accessories.

Specialists at our Ray-Ban sunglasses repair centre can restore your favourite broken or damaged Ray Bans to near perfect condition, so they look as good as new again.

We renovate and restore Ray-Ban sunglasses right across the product range, from old and vintage models to the latest releases.

We get requests from all over Europe and even further to replace Ray-Ban lenses. We have customers from as far away as Australia and the United States.

Genuine Ray-Ban replacement lenses

Our glasses repair specialists have years of experience in lens and frame repair on all popular Ray-Ban models and are experts at fitting Ray-Ban replacement lenses. All Ray-Ban lenses come directly from the manufacturer and are guaranteed by AlphaOmega to be 100% genuine.

Use our ENQUIRE ONLINE page to describe the Ray-Ban repair you need and a member of the team will contact you within 24 hours to explain what we can do to help restore your Ray-Ban glasses to mint condition.

If you decide to use AlphaOmega, you will receive a unique tracking code so you can then log onto our website at any time to check on the status of your Ray-Ban renewal.

Our in-house experts use the latest high-tech precision equipment in our purpose-built workshops to restore and renew broken sunglasses and spectacles from all over the UK.

And all Ray-Ban lens replacements carried out by our UK team are covered by the 12-month AlphaOmega unconditional guarantee.

Expert repairs, low prices and fast turnaround times have kept AlphaOmega at number one in the UK for Ray-Ban lens replacement for more than 20 years.

Custom Lenses for Ray Ban frames

Many customers ask if we have an alternative to genuine Ray Ban replacement lenses when the originals are discontinued and unavailable.

The answer is YES. Our technicians will make a pair copy lens as close as possible to match the originals.

Because of the enormous range of colour tints and coatings, it may not always be possible to get an exact match but they will be as near the original as they can be although our bespoke custom replacement lenses cannot, unfortunately, carry the original logo.

But AlphaOmega has signed up for top quality custom replacement lenses from established and reputable suppliers.

Our aim is to provide every customer with the best parts needed to repair their sunglasses, no matter what brand, model or style of sunglass lens.

We also offer many repair options such as replacement frames, arms, earpieces, nose pads, and screws wherever this is possible.

For a FREE QUOTE on your Ray-Ban replacement lenses use our ENQUIRE ONLINE page

Just a few of our satisfied Ray-Ban repair customers