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Colin Leslie bamboo sunglasses
Closer look at glasses frames

Most people buying glasses look at the lenses first to see whether they are the right shape, the correct shade, and the best style.

Painting of ancient spectacles
Is it glasses or spectacles?

Most people think of glasses as the modern term while spectacles sound just a little bit old-fashioned. They couldn't be more wrong.

Family wearing glasses
Sunglasses to fit your face

Top-quality glasses are essential for proper eyecare but they need to look good too if you are to wear them with confidence.

Spectacles from titanium
Titanium takes off in eyewear

Titanium is a super-light, durable and robust metal which makes it ideal for spectacle frames and a very popular choice for manufacturers.

Array of sunglasses
Choosing the best sunglasses

There is more to choosing sunglasses just because they are the latest craze. There other factors to consider when picking a pair of sunglasses.

Oakley sports sunglasses poster
Oakley leads the field

It is a classic tale of a small backyard outfit growing into one of the biggest and best-known designer sunglasses brands in the world – Oakley.

Diagram of spectacle parts
Anatomy of a glasses frame repair

Glasses frames may well date from ancient times but modern spectacles come many materials, from cellulose acetates to titanium alloys.

teenagers sunglasses tinted
Sunglasses repair and lenses

There is a bewildering, array of sunglasses lens types available today as each manufacturer tries to steal a competitive advantage

Pile of broken glasses
Materials in repairing glasses

At AlphaOmega we come across spectacles and sunglasses manufactured from a huge range of materials in our busy workshops.

Colin Leslie bamboo sunglasses
Why bamboo glasses are cool

Sunglasses manufacturers are going green with eco-friendly sunglasses in the wake of public demand for more eco-friendly eyewear

ski family sunglasses visors reflective
Eye protection on the slopes

The risk of unprotected eye damage is even greater when the sun's glare is intensified by reflection off large expanses of snow.

Sunglasses protect the eyes
UV shades are good for you

We love the sun but excessive sun exposure is an area where too much too quickly can be not only be inadvisable but even dangerous.

currency, money, finance
Spectacle repairs make good sense

In more straitened economic times, it's sensible and feels much better, to get glasses expertly repaired and save a small fortune.

Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses poster
75 Years of making Ray-Bans

To mark the 75th anniversary of Ray-Ban the company celebrated with the launch of their 'Never Hide' advertising campaign

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This is where we post articles on various aspects of glasses repair as well as buying guides for our customers. We repair hundred of glasses and sunglasses every week and our expert staff always keep up-to-date with the latest spectacle repair technologies and practice. We can also offer advice on sunglasses frames and lenses. If you have any comments or thoughts about any of the articles listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Optician shows glasses to customer
Customer Feedback

We have repaired glasses from Switzerland, Malta, Spain – even Australia with stories of spectacles crushed by cars, chewed by pets, and written off as 'unrepairable' by professional opticians.

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Technician repairing glasses
Our Workshop

The team at AlphaOmega pride themselves on first class workmanship and a fast turnaround on all types of glasses repair using specialist tools and high-tech laser welding equipment.

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