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At AlphaOmega, we can replace scratched or broken lenses for your designer sunglasses so they look like new.

We can provide original and authentic replacement lenses for top sunglass brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci or Police.

Or we can fit your favourite frames with top-quality high-grade custom replacement lenses for a fraction of the cost of designer brands.

Whatever you choose, you can expect high-quality glasses repair and lens replacement, a fast turnaround time and guaranteed results.

Use our ENQUIRE ONLINE page to describe the lens replacement you need and a member of the team will contact you within 24 hours to explain how we can help restore your glasses to mint condition.

Many customers demand original replacement lenses for their sunglasses but other clients prefer to put their unique mark on their favourite sunglasses.

To meet the demand for custom lens replacements, we offer products of the highest quality from international lens manufacturers.

Why you should choose AlphaOmega custom replacement lenses

  • Fast lens replacement: AlphaOmega not only stocks a range of custom replacement lenses but can also source new lenses quickly, cheaply and efficiently.
  • Low price lenses: High-quality custom replacement lenses can be priced much lower than manufacturers' own-label products and we pass on any savings directly to our customers.
  • Quaility lenses: AlphaOmega sources its custom replacement lenses from top-grade international suppliers with a track record for exceptional quality and reliability.
  • Choice lenses: The vast range of colours, tints and lens finishes on the market may mean an exact match to the original is simply not possible. We can use superior custom lenses to give your frames a unique look.
  • Guaranteed results: If you are not perfectly happy with your custom lens replacement we will happily take the glasses back and try to source original manufacturer's lens with no charge for the original work.