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Juliet glasses are still going strong

Oakley Juliets remain a firm favourite among sunglasses collectors despite being discontinued for many years. Replacing scratched or damaged Juliet lenses can be a problem. AlphaOmega has the answer with its Oakley Juliet lens replacement service. We now stock replacement lenses for Oakley Juliets to meet the demand.

Juliet frames were launched in 1999 when Oakley X-Metal designs were taking the market by storm. The titanium alloy used in frame manufacture made them super strong for their weight, and they became the most popular and sought-after of the Oakley X-Metal series.

In the following years, Oakley released a variety of colour options but ceased manufacture in 2012. Despite this, Juliets have remained hugely popular and are highly valued today. Key features of the Juliet sunglasses are the iconic O ellipsis symbol that appears when the glasses are folded and the unique ear stems that feature a special 'hammer' shape.

Juliet lenses are easy to replace

Replacement Juliet lenses are relatively easy to fit but are still best done by a professional, as the original frames are now super valuable as collectors' items. AlphaOmega will replace Oakley Juliet lenses for an all-inclusive £50 with a free frame clean and polish to ensure your precious Oakley Juliets look as good as new.

AlphaOmega can fix flex problems with Oakley Juliet nose bridges and give the bridge back its original flex. Remember, all lens repairs by AlphaOmega come with a 12-month unconditional warranty.

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Juliet Repairs

A complete fix for loose Oakley Juliet nose bridges and other X Metal frames

Juliet Repairs
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Feedback from our Oakley customers

I cannot commend your frame repair service highly enough. Thank you so much for the extremely prompt and quality frame repair/renewal you carried out on my pair of spectacles. Posted on the Friday and back with me on the following Tuesday – How good is that? You saved me having to buy a new pair! My colleagues have saved the website link for future reference.

Pete m. london

My Oakley Juliets had the infamous loose nose bridge and AlphaOmega were really fast when responding to all communication. Once they had my sunglasses they were repaired and returned within 2 days. Finally I can wear my sunglasses without the fear of them falling off. I would highly recommend using AplhaOmega for any glasses repair.

Alex i. london

Love my classic X-Metal Juliets, but the flex couplers had deteriorated & the bridge flexed. Did some research & rather than buying a kit & replacing them myself (didn't fancy trying to remove the rivets) – shipped them off to AlphaOmega. Simple to arrange & had them back in less than a week. Delighted with the work and the price & looking forward to enjoying wearing them for many more years to come!


If you are looking for a great repair at a great price then these are the people to go to. My Oakley glasses were returned next day with an invisible repair to the arm that had snapped at the rivet hole. Unlike many places the phone call is always answered and info provided very helpful. A huge thank you to all.

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