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Optician shows glasses to customer

Track Repairs is a great way to find out at the stage of your glasses repair once your spectacles or sunglasses have reached our workshop.

Enter your tracking code below to track your glasses repair:

Enter tracking number

When you fill out our Enquire Online form on our site you will be asked to describe the fault, a member of staff will reply within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) telling you what we can do to help.

At this point a unique Tracking Code will be generated for you and sent to your email address. This tracking code allows you to know we have received your enquiry and the status of the repair of your frame. At any time you chose just click the Track Repair button and type in your unique code and you can see one of the following highlighted...

  • Waiting for spectacles
  • Awaiting parts for repair
  • Currently being repaired
  • Posted back to customer

This service comes at no extra cost and is available at any time.