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At AlphaOmega we get hundreds of enquiries about glasses repair. Customers contact us from across the UK, Europe and beyond with tales of broken spectacles.

We have handled queries from Switzerland, Malta, Spain — even Australia with stories of spectacles crushed by car doors, chewed by pets, broken by children and even written off as 'unrepairable' by professional opticians.

We pride ourselves on being able to help with even the most difficult glasses repair and, over the years, we have received thanks from hundreds of satisfied customers.

We publish negative comments too but you won't find many as they are so rare and, with our no quibble repair refund pledge, we do our very best to keep our customers happy. To comment on AlphaOmega service please click on Add Your Comments below. We are also now on TrustPilot so if you prefer to leave an independent review then click the icon.

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Sunglasses repair
  • Gucci Glasses Repair4th December 2018 3:14pm

    My eighteen-month-old baby secretly took my glasses and bent them. I thought that they were repairable by my specs provider said they said they weren't fixable. I found Alpha Omega who were so helpful, gave me a quick turnaround and fixed them at such a reasonable price. Thankfully I didn't have to buy a new pair of glasses as I love my current ones and they weren't cheap to replace. Thanks to the team at AlphaOmega!

  • Mikle Lees30th November 2018 2:44pm

    Wonderful and top notch service. AlphaOmega gave good advice over the phone, so I sent off fairly new rimless glasses that had broken in two by being sat on! Self-repair did not work. As promised, the specs were returned within 48 hours by secure post, repaired to almost new condition. Thanks to Mark, Dave and friends for a great job. Lesson learned — if you break your specs then forget the super glue and give AlphaOmega a call!

  • John C.28th November 2018 12:09pm

    Fan Mail. From my initial phone call to the return of repaired glasses (as good as new) in three days. It was a remarkable, friendly, professional service. Thank you.

  • Clare Buxton18th November 2018 8:06pm

    On retirement, I treated myself to some Rayban sunglasses. To my horror they were damaged in my car, the arm snapped near the hinge. I expected normal opticians to be unable to mend them but discovered AlphaOmega's reviews. Dubious, I completed the questionnaire and sent photos off for a quote at 7.30pm. To my surprise, a personalised message and quote came back by 8.30pm that evening! Impressed, I sent glasses and the £50 payment the next day. Five days later they were back, perfect, now as new. I've continued to wear them all summer. Many, many thanks for absolutely superb service and for saving me a fortune! I wish I could let everyone know about you! Lucky I looked online that night.

  • Marilyn Macaluso17th November 2018 12:19pm

    Delighted to have my Red or Dead sunglasses back so quickly and fully restored. Fantastic service — thanks very much!

  • Amanda Sweeting16th November 2018 12:30pm

    My goodness I knew your reviews were good but I was not expecting such a rapid turnaround and such an excellent repair job. I had been to three opticians before I went online, who all told me the arm was not reparable. I cannot recommend you guys highly enough. Thank you.

  • Stuart Prescott4th November 2018 3:33pm

    It is rare that I complain or indeed give praise to companies that I deal with but in the case of AlphaOmega I am moved to make an exception. I trod on my Armani glasses, breaking and twisting the frame. Having received a quote of £20, plus secure postage, I sent them off for repair and received them back within a couple of days as good as new. I am extremely impressed with AlphaOmega Glasses Repair service and would thoroughly recommend them. Many thanks.

  • Monika Mladenova31st October 2018 10:29am

    Hey, guys I just want to confirm that the AlphaOmega team are professionals. I broke parts of my glasses totally. I was so sad but then I found this company on the internet and my hope came back. I sent the glasses and they repaired them very quickly and did a really briliant job. Thanks once again AlphaOmega.

  • Alexander Thomson23rd October 2018 4:25pm

    I posted the glasses on Saturday to AlphaOmega and they were returned to me on Tuesday, looking like new! What a fantastic service! These folks certainly know their way around a set of spectacles. As for cost, I thought my Oakley reading glasses were wrecked and would be needing new frames. But for £20 plus return postage, all sorted. Five stars to this company!

  • Verdi Y18th October 2018 10:09pm

    I was delighted to discover that AlphaOmega could repair my rimless spectacles. They did a brilliant job, returned them like new and within three days. Highly recommended. Thank you.

  • Monica Hartley14th October 2018 10:33pm

    The service was incredible. The glasses were sent on Tuesday afternoon and came back Thursday morning. I had completely snapped the arm off my Moscot glasses and they came back as new. I was so impressed and it was so reasonably priced. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this company.

  • Sharon McNamara10th October 2018 9:54pm

    I sent my daughter's Ray-Ban spectacles for repair after they had been sat on! They came back in two days. I'm very pleased with the service I received and the good communication via email regarding my repair. I would definitely use this service again. Thank you AlphaOmega.

  • Neil Duncan4th October 2018 7:20pm

    Oakley Keel Rimless: Brilliant service. I sent my rimless glasses, which my local optician claimed couldn't be repaired! I posted them via special delivery on Tuesday and received them back. good as new, on Thursday when I got back in from work. I actually thought they were the spare backup glasses which I ordered three weeks ago and was shocked to open up the package to repaired Oakleys! The glasses are as good as new. I highly recommend AlphaOmega.

  • Jackie Spencer4th October 2018 5:37am

    I have sent two pairs of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Both have been repaired well and returned within two days of me sending them. Fantastic service, would definitely use again and recommend to everyone.

  • Garry Jackson28th September 2018 6:55pm

    Oakley Badman — sent these in as the arm had broken at the hinge. Apparently this is a known fault in these and Madman Oakleys. Fantastic service, returned within four days from me sending them and the repair is excellent. Hopefully I won't need a repair on any glasses anytime soon but will use you again and have already recommended AlphaOmega. Thanks again.

  • Graham C Till25th September 2018 9:17am

    Many thanks for repairing the broken arm of my Ray-Ban sunglasses. Fantastic repair and very quickly carried out. Definitely recommended.

  • Derek Fraser18th September 2018 11:07pm

    This service is phenomenal. I sent my glasses on Friday and they were returned perfect on Tuesday. Brilliant, what more can I say. Thanks.

  • Emma Grattan12th September 2018 3:21pm

    I bent the arm on my brand new Gucci sunglasses, fully out of alignment and barely hanging on. I sent them off on the Thursday and got them back like brand new on the Saturday! 10/10, I would definitely recommend AlphaOmega.

  • Oliver Donovan10th September 2018 11:18am

    I stood on my favourite pair of Tom Ford sunglasses at a wedding, thought they were finished and would have to buy a new pair. I found AlphaOmega online through Google and have been so impressed with the service. I got my sunglasses back in the same week that I sent them and they look brand new. Will be sending another pair to get repaired and would definitely recommend.

  • Paul Taylor4th September 2018 1:43pm

    Wow! I sent my glassess off on Friday and got them back today (Tuesday). Top quality repair and mega-swift turnaround. Great job! I would recommend you to everyone!

  • shelley fowler31st August 2018 3:56pm

    I sent two pairs of glasses for repair, one of which was only two weeks old. I had damaged the arm on both pairs. I did take them to my optician who said there was nothing they could do and after looking on the internet found AlphaOmega I sent both pairs on Wednesday and was not expecting a result. I was amazed to get a delivery this Friday morning with both pairs repaired. I am absolutely delighted with this company, couldn't be happier and completely recommend this service.

  • Patrick Harness29th August 2018 8:15am

    Top notch service, very impressed. I would definitely recommend the service to anyone else.

  • Andrew Robertson22nd August 2018 11:06am

    Wow! What a service. I had my shades fixed and returned back within 48 hours of me sending them off! They're like new again! I would recommend AlphaOmega to everyone.

  • Luke Taylor20th August 2018 2:49pm

    Great service. My reading glasses had broken. I sent them off and got them back repaired so quickly that I thought I had accidentally sent them directly back to myself — excellent service!

  • Dave Brandon16th August 2018 8:40pm

    Fantastic job and 24 hour turn around on a broken arm of old but valued prescription specs. Optician could/would not repair them but AlphaOmega returned my glasses repaired as new. Definitely recommended.

  • John Hill14th August 2018 12:20pm

    Excellent company, provided a really quick 24 hour repair on my Oakley prescription glasses frame. Superb job and I found everybody at AlphaOmega so helpful when making my initial enquiry. Thanks for a superb service and a truly proffessional job. I'll be back next time I sit on my glasses!

  • Trish Barnett13th August 2018 6:39pm

    My Ray-Ban sunglasses were run over in a petrol station. They were in a poor state. That they can be repaired is a testament to the quality of Ray-Ban specs but mostly to the craftsmanship of AlphaOmega frame repairs. Very impressive. They are highly recommended.

  • Charlotte Hadfield11th August 2018 3:35pm

    Superb service. Ray-Bans with a broken arm were sent off on Wednesday and returned in brand new condition on Friday.

  • Alex Roberts11th August 2018 1:07am

    I brought a £1,000 pair of Dita shades with a bent arm into the store with 3 hours notice. They were fixed within 10 minutes, on the spot for £10. They are as new. Absolutely superb service, thank you massively.

  • lorna moore10th August 2018 10:21am

    This is an amazing service. I was gutted when I broke my expensive sunglasses. I posted them off and they were returned to me within 72 hours. Fantastic! Thank you so much and I will definitely recommend your company.

  • Richard Irving2nd August 2018 1:11pm

    I broke one of the temple guards on one of the arms of my well-loved Ray-Ban Caravan sunglasses. These glasses are from the late 1950s/early 60s and I despaired that they could not be repaired. I sent them to AlphaOmega on a Wednesday. They arrived on the Thursday and were repaired and dispatched back the same day. I received them on Friday. A speedy service, but also an excellent repair. I'm amazed they could find arms to match for such early sunglasses. Thank you.

  • hannah summerfield1st August 2018 2:45pm

    Fantastic service. I sent off Chanel sunglasses and they were sent back and fixed within one day. Woud definitely use again and recommend.

  • Matthew Price30th July 2018 7:58am

    My daughter took my Ray-Ban sunglasses outside to play with them and scratched them quite badly. I sent them to be repaired via post on the Saturday and received them back within five days and looking brand new. Would definitely recommend.

  • Linda Ray26th July 2018 5:34pm

    I posted my varifocals on Monday, after having sent a couple of photos via the website and a chat with one of the (very helpful) staff, as I needed them repaired fairly quickly. I got them back, all fixed and looking brilliant, on Wednesday morning. They'd needed a new pair of titanium arms, as one was completely busted. I absolutely can't tell any style or colour difference between the old ones and the new. Fantastic service. I certainly can't argue with the price for the quality of the result.

  • Mark Webster25th July 2018 4:31pm

    Fast, efficient and very professional service. Highly recommended for all your glasses repairs.

  • Sandra Hildreth21st July 2018 12:34pm

    Having successfully crushed my old favourite Ray-Bans in the car door, breaking one hinge and bending the other, I feared the worst. Fortunately, my husband found your company. We have both been extremely pleased with the price, quality of repair and speed of service provided by AlphaOmega. A big thank you to you and your technicians. We are delighted with the as-new sunglasses.

  • Dennis Lee20th July 2018 6:58pm

    Glasses back today, very helpful. Can highly recommend. Thank you.

  • Mr Challoner19th July 2018 3:14pm

    Thank you so much. I couldn't be bothered with postage so I went there myself. Both my pairs of sunglasses were repaired within 20 minutes and AlphaOmega used original Prada parts at the cost of £35 for both. I would definitely recommend AlphaOmega repair services. They told me my frames were a bit bent and straightened them free of charge. Thank you AlphaOmega.

  • Daniel Jones19th July 2018 8:26am

    I was lucky enough to be travelling up to Cheshire when I discovered AlphaOmega glasses repair on the web. I called and had a chat with Dave about my repair and I decided to call into their shop. I was extremely grateful as I actually turned up after business hours but Dave kindly saw me. He was very friendly and professional, fixing up my Ray-Bans in no time! It was refreshing to deal with a business that actually knows how to deliver all round excellent customer service. Thank you, I will certainly come to you guys in future for my new sunglasses or any repairs.

  • Julie Tester18th July 2018 10:58am

    Many thanks for a great repair on my Ray-Bans, both arms had been broken off at the hinge. Initially I was unsure as the cost of the repair was half the price of a replacement pair, but it was worth it. The glasses were repaired and returned quickly, looking like new. Would not hesitate to recommend this service.

  • Gillian Tough13th July 2018 12:20pm

    Excellent service. Fendi lenses replaced; glasses as good as new. Delighted. Would highly recommend.

  • Nicola Flanagan12th July 2018 1:13pm

    Wow. Super fast turnaround. I posted broken sunglasses on the Tuesday morning, they were back in my hands on Thursday at 1pm! Perfect repair to a broken hinge, so delighted! Thank you so much. I will recommend to everyone I know!

  • Joseph K11th July 2018 11:31am

    I've just had my rather expensive D&G glasses repaired after stepping on them. These guys have provided a first class service with an amazingly quick turn around. I was a little worried that the repair would be noticeable, but, even with close inspection, it's completely seamless. As new. Highly recommended. Many thanks.

  • Karen Mitchell11th July 2018 8:57am

    I sent off a pair of Oakleys for a lens repair and AlphaOmega did a fantastic job repairing for £20. It was such a speedy service too. Thank you, will definitely use your services again.

  • John Lancaster10th July 2018 9:22pm

    Having phoned them to enquire about new lenses, I sent my glasses in the post on Thursday and they were returned completed the following Tuesday. Great service and I would recommend their professional approach.

  • Louise Wing9th July 2018 10:58am

    I was very impressed with both the service and repair of my sunglasses, and especially with the speed and turnaround of their service. I would certainly recommend this company and would definitely use them again.

  • Nadia mahyar6th July 2018 1:42pm

    Absolutely thrilled to bits with my sunglasses. Excellent communication throughout and I received my glasses back within 24 hours. Brilliant service. My glasses are like brand new. Thank you so much. Highly recommended.

  • Hayley30th June 2018 10:21am

    Absolutely over the moon with this company! They were so quick and did a fantastic job. My sunglasses are as good as new! After contacting various places to fix my Gucci sunglasses, I found AlphaOmega on Google. It was very easy and cheap to buy a repair package and send to them. They were sent back within 3 days! Would definitely recommend and use again. Thanks.

  • Alison Townley28th June 2018 7:29pm

    I had a much-loved pair of Ray-Bans which I had been told were beyond repair. AlphaOmega restores them to good-as-new condition, quickly and for a very reasonable price. On the back of that experience, I sent my 30+ year old Wayfarers for repair (again, not holding out much hope) and they did another fabulous job.

  • Jan Taylor28th June 2018 4:17pm

    Fantastic service and turnaround times. I advise direct contact though. From an earlier enquiry with them, I was advised they couldn't fix Oakley Juilets (based on the images I sent). However, I now have received back a pair of Juliets that are better than new and with an excellent turnaround.

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