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At AlphaOmega we get hundreds of enquiries about glasses repair. Customers contact us from across the UK, Europe and beyond with tales of broken spectacles.

We have handled queries from Switzerland, Malta, Spain — even Australia with stories of spectacles crushed by car doors, chewed by pets, broken by children and even written off as 'unrepairable' by professional opticians.

We pride ourselves on being able to help with even the most difficult glasses repair and, over the years, we have received thanks from hundreds of satisfied customers.

We publish negative comments too but you won't find many as they are so rare and, with our no quibble repair refund pledge, we do our very best to keep our customers happy. Below is just a selection of comments from our clients.

If you wish to comment on the glasses repair service from AlphaOmega service we will be most gratified to hear from you. To add your comments on AlphaOmega Glasses Repair please click the following link:

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Spectacle repairs testimonials
  • Wendy Sopwith9th June 2018 2:57pm

    I sat on my Chanel sunglasses and took them to a jewellers and opticians both of which said they were beyond repair! I sent photographs of my very damaged sunglasses, both arms had bent in, and with a really good quote AlphaOmega asked me to send them over. I posted them on Tuesday and had my perfectly new-looking glasses back by the Friday! Thank you so much.

  • A. H.9th June 2018 12:04pm

    Superb service! Repair done and glasses back to me in less than 48 hours.

  • Emily H7th June 2018 5:40pm

    I stood on my sunglasses and they looked beyond repair! I'd been doing a lot of research on companies that do sunglasses repairs and this was best one I came across. I'm so glad I chose AlphaOmega. Excellent customer service both in the phone and email. I had my sunglasses back within 2 days! Very reasonable prices. I will be strongly recommending to my friends and family.

  • Matthew Booker4th June 2018 5:05pm

    ***CAUTION** Sent them a pair of Oakley Juliet Sunglasses only to be returned with mismatched rivets! (shiny pins on dark grey frame). Also, frame marked during repair! Was told they don't stock matching pins so they went ahead and fitted the mismatched ones anyway. I now have unoriginal, odd-looking glasses and a marked frame (Gutted). They could have simply contacted me to see if I wanted these other pins before conduction the repair. Offered to fit the originals back in at my own risk as they'd probably fall out (tension fit). Also, they informed me their not liable for any damage to frames, as some are difficult to line up! Totally regret sending them my sunglasses and would urge caution to anyone thinking of sending them an expensive pair of glasses/sunglasses.

    Editor's comment: We have explained to the customer we only have the shiny pins in stock at the moment as this is a relatively new service; we will add the darker rivets at a later date. Where we can, we try to use the original rivets but some can't be reused so we need to use what we have in stock. These rivets have been used in about 100 pairs of Juliets with no complaints. Every pair of Juliets is a unique frame due to its manufacturing process ( See video here . This makes each repair come with unique problems but we take as much care as possible not to mark a frame. We often find frames come with all sorts of damage that is not mentioned in the original enquiry. We tried our best and given a full refund in this case.

  • Gultekin Irengun31st May 2018 1:03pm

    Thanks for the fastest service I have ever seen. I received glasses the next day. They were fixed and well packed. I was a bit grumpy for not getting the spring hinge like the original but I can see that, for an economic fast repair, the solution was a good alternative.

  • James Bates31st May 2018 10:21am

    After watching your video about how you are able to repair just about any broken glasses, I enquired about a pair of Ray-Bans and all I got was there was no spare parts available. If I could get parts I would have fixed them myself. Your video said you could repair broken parts not just replace them. Not impressed.

    Editor's comment: Sorry if the video was misleading in any way, but there are some breaks that just can't be repaired no matter how hard we try. You said in your enquiry the plastic was snapped in half. This is just not possible to do no matter what adverts say about superglue. In addition, the model is discontinued and the parts are no longer available. Apologies also if the original reply was a little short but we have found most people want a 'to-the-point' answer as to whether their frame can or can't be repaired. We hope this won't put you off trying us again.

  • Tina Liddle24th May 2018 10:08pm

    Really impressed with this service. Couldn't get a nut that had fallen off my Gucci sun glasses frame replaced anywhere. They did it and returned them to me the next day! Just hoping that it stays in place. Excellent.

  • Michael O'Nion17th May 2018 11:48am

    The bridge of a pair of now discontinued Ray-Ban sunglasses snapped in half and the part was not available to buy or replace. I sent these to AlphaOmega to be fixed on Tuesday, got them back in full working order on Thursday morning of the same week. Did not encounter a single problem, would highly recommend this company to anyone, first class customer service and free nose pads. Many Thanks!

  • Ann Ballinger11th May 2018 10:15am

    Fantastic service from AlphaOmega. I wished I'd sent my glasses for repair sooner. Less than 48 hours from posting my glasses to receiving them back as good as new. Thank you.

  • Gary Pearson8th May 2018 10:38am

    Excellent repair and super fast service on a repair that the high street optician said wasn't possible so new frames and lenses required.

  • Tony Knock7th May 2018 9:07pm

    Why pay expensive repairs at an opticians or take your designer glasses to Selfridges in London? Excellent service received when sending to AlphaOmega and quick turnaround too! Thank you!

  • Davyd Horton6th May 2018 9:33am

    AlphaOmega repaired my expensive titanium framed glasses very quickly and efficiently after my local Specsavers said nothing could be done! They were also very helpful in dealing with a follow-up issue. Highly recommended!

  • Nick Bec5th May 2018 2:25pm

    Chipped the lens of my sunglasses. Paid for the parts and shipped the glasses. Replacement parts were ordered as soon as I paid and I had the glasses back in a week looking good as new. Because the spare lenses only come in pairs I got a spare of the undamaged lens back in the box. Exceptional service and I'll definitely use AlphaOmega again in future if I need another repair.

  • Colin Pearson3rd May 2018 10:41pm

    The bridge of my Oakley Penny sunglasses were so loose the glasses were unwearable. You have done an excellent job repairing them and they're like new. I'm delighted with the result and very impressed by your professionalism and efficiency. Thanks a lot.

  • Francis Onwuegbuzie2nd May 2018 6:15pm

    The temple/joint of my rimless glasses was broken and I had given up after visiting a couple of high street opticians who could not remedy the frame. Eventually I accidently found AlphaOmega online. I contacted them via email and a few hours later someone responded with details of what information they required about the damage to my glasses. I provided them with this information, made payment via PayPal and sent off my glasses on a Wednesday afternoon. By Friday (2 days later) AlphaOmega had repaired and returned my frames. Packing was excellent and the customer service outstanding. Most importantly they repaired both temples of my glasses, which I found very helpful. I highly recommend AlphaOmega and wished I knew about them earlier than now. A very big thanks.

  • Barry Davies27th April 2018 1:21pm

    I snapped the arm of my Armani prescription glasses, which cost over £500. I tried to purchase new frames but they were discontinued. I found this company on the internet and bingo. Sent and returned within 48 hours and at a very reasonable cost. I can hardly see the repair. Don't throw those damaged glasses away. Simply send to this company and save a fortune. I will be using your services again without any hesitation. Very professional.

  • Liz26th April 2018 4:05pm

    First class service with exceptional turnaround. My sunglasses look as good as new. Many thanks.

  • George Brooker26th April 2018 2:24pm

    One of the temples on my sunglasses had broken off from the eye wires and had failed at the hinges. I really didn't want to have to purchase a new pair of glasses. In the space of 4 days (Monday — Thursday) I had sent off an enquiry form, received a quote, posted and then received a good as new repair to my sunglasses. Exceptional and stress free service, would highly recommend. Cheers.

  • James Miller26th April 2018 7:50am

    Very quick turn around and a great job!

  • Jimi Jibodu19th April 2018 10:50pm

    I posted my badly twisted frame on Tuesday and the repaired glasses were back with me on Thursday. The enclosed note saying 'we did the best we could' was an understatement. The repair was faultless, beyond what I expected. I am very pleased with the quality of work. The turnaround time was amazing.

  • Bob Wheaton13th April 2018 12:28pm

    First class service from AlphaOmega. A great saving. My Tom Ford spectacles we in a sorry state and I had considered buying a new pair. AlphaOmega did a terrific job and the glasses were returned "as new". One tip: avoid posting your glasses near a weekend, because this adds considerably to AO's swift turnaround time.

  • Anne Squires13th April 2018 9:22am

    Sent my favourite sunglasses for repair (broken arm) on Wednesday. They arrived back this morning (Friday) good as new. Many thanks, excellent work.

  • Kevin Reeves12th April 2018 4:21pm

    Exceptional, professional and quick service — I really did not think my glasses were repairable but I got them back, very nicely repaired, two days after sending them in!

  • Ray Moorhead11th April 2018 7:13pm

    This company did an absolutely brilliant job. They repaired my titanium frames for a really modest fee and also changed the nose pads gratis, nice and quick with no fuss. I would thoroughly recommend using their service to anyone. Thanks guys.

  • John Wright28th March 2018 3:53pm

    Just a note to say thank you for your prompt service in repairing my glasses. I only sent them two days ago and I got them back today. All fixed, your cannot see the repair. Thank you.

  • Helen James22nd March 2018 4:32pm

    Received my glasses back in double quick time and perfect. Almost disposed of these sunglasses. So glad I found this company. Great job. Five star service.

  • Andy Stace22nd March 2018 9:22am

    I have now used AlphaOmega twice, top class results both times. Like many I had been told that my frames were life expired and beyond repair. I urge anyone told the same to contact them, there is nothing to lose by asking! Without doubt, highly recommended.

  • David Brown21st March 2018 2:39pm

    Unbelievably good service. I thought my glasses would never be the same again after I sat on them. AlphaOmega repaired them for next to nothing and had them back with me in 48 hours. They even cleaned them. Cannot recommend AlphaOmega enough.

  • Shah21st March 2018 1:04pm

    Brilliant service, five star. Broke the arm on my glasses and posted them on Monday morning at 11:30am. Received my glasses at 11:30 on Wednesday morning. Highly recommended.

  • Gary Greenwood21st March 2018 12:16pm

    Really fast turnaround. Delighted with repair, response and tracking delivery. Superb!

  • Claire Tran17th March 2018 9:20pm

    Excellent service, highly recommended! Great level of customer service and repairs completed quickly. Thank you.

  • D Williams13th March 2018 4:04pm

    I had two pairs of sunglasses which needed to be repaired. I received a prompt response. The glasses were fixed and sent back within a week. The standard is excellent and the communication also. I do not often give feedback but I am extremely pleased.

  • Teresa13th March 2018 10:05am

    Phenomenal service! A super fast (they got my glasses on Monday and on Tuesday 10am I've got them back) and perfectly done job. Thank you.

  • Mani M9th March 2018 2:53pm

    My rimless glasses nose bridge broke. I sent a query regarding my broken glasses and within 24 hours I received an answer. I sent my glasses off on Monday and received them back on Wednesday. The quality of repair is of really high standard and the frame feels more robust than from my opticians. Excellent service and I would not hesitate to use again.

  • Vicky P9th March 2018 12:51pm

    I found AlphaOmega online after needing two pairs of sunglasses repaired. I'd never used their services before but can say I am 110% satisfied with their service. It was simple to get started, the glasses were repaired within 6 days and came back looking brand new. Absolutely fantastic service, would definitely recommend and use again!

  • Mike Holme8th March 2018 4:56pm

    I don't normally post reviews because it seems nowadays that whatever I do the company concerned requires a review. I could spend my whole day filling in questionnaires if I responded to every request. However the service from Alphaomega was so good I feel that they have earned a review. I posted my Prada rimless specs — I had snapped off the lens connecting screw on the arm — on Tuesday morning by special delivery. I received them back all repaired today, Thursday lunchtime. Total cost including both sets of postage was £49.50. That is excellent customer service.

  • Simon King7th March 2018 2:54pm

    My frame of my prescription sunglasses snapped in an awkward place just by the screw that holds the lens. My optician was unsympathetic — would be happy to supply a new frame at a cost of £170 but that was it! I declined and I am glad I did as I would not have found Alpha Omega! I sent photos for a quotation, which was returned just an hour or so later. I accepted the £35 plus postage repair and sent my glasses off. They were posted on Monday afternoon and returned to me on Wednesday morning. The frame has been welded and to be totally honest, I can't see the repair! I have no idea how you guys do it! I am very happy with the service provided and will certainly use your services again! Many thanks.

  • Alan Brown6th March 2018 11:57am

    Fantastic service, despite deep snow and other disruptions. Cannot find fault.

  • Mark Finden3rd March 2018 4:53pm

    Fantastic and very fast service. Glasses were back within three days and not only fixed but cleaned and given new nose pieces. Price was very reasonable. Would not hesitate to use again.

  • AngieB2nd March 2018 7:07pm

    Brand new Ray-Ban sunglasses, bent and arm twisted. In less than a week, returned and fixed perfectly. I cannot recommend this company highly enough!

  • Adam Olsen2nd March 2018 1:23pm

    I don't normally leave feedback, however I needed to as this was a wonderful service. I Posted my Oakley Juliet sunglasses on Monday afternoon for bridge repairs, got them back repaired on Wednesday. Fantastic service, highly recommended!

  • David1st March 2018 2:03pm

    Great service and repair. Glasses back in super quick time and almost like new — not bad for 30 year old Raybans!

  • Olivia Scott26th February 2018 2:26pm

    Literally over the moon. Never thought my Ray-Bans would be tight around my head ever again after someone stretched them. These guys were quick, cheap and have done a spot on job! Highly. highly recommend! Thank you.

  • Deborah Brown22nd February 2018 12:13pm

    I had snapped off the left arm of my new glasses. I was told by all of the major high street opticians that they could not be repaired and I would need to buy a new frame at a cost of at least £150. I found AlphaOmega online, uploaded two photos of the damage and got a very fast response quoting £20 plus VAT/postage. I had some reservations about sending my glasses away but I needn't have worried. I posted the glasses last Friday and they were returned to me this Tuesday, fixed with a nice note saying that due to the extent of the damage to my frame, this was the best repair they could do. They look like new to me! This is an excellent service, thank you so much.

  • Kay Gingell20th February 2018 1:42pm

    Fabulous service. Highly recommended. Optician said they were not repairable — found you online and decided to give your company a go. Fantastic, glasses back in one day and as good as new — all for £27.25. Well done.

  • Dara Robinson20th February 2018 12:12pm

    Excellent work. I brought my Oakley prescription glasses to the opticians and they told me that it could not be fixed, that titanium could not be welded. One quick email to AlphaOmega and they confirmed what I suspected, it would not be a problem. The work was outstanding, unless I point it out no one can find the weld. I could not be happier. The price is the cherry on top. Well done lads, I'll be sending you more glasses soon.

  • David Royston17th February 2018 4:37pm

    Fabulous service — very happy customer indeed.

  • Amanda Farmer17th February 2018 11:26am

    Amazing! After several opticians said my glasses couldn't be repaired, I found AlphaOmega online. I took a couple of photos and emailed them and had a reply within a couple of hours to say they could be repaired for £20 + p&p. I sent them off on Thursday morning by 1st class recorded post and unbelievably received them back on Saturday morning repaired and ready to wear again! What an incredible service! The repair was great and I would recommend this company to anyone. Do not accept an optician telling you that you will need to buy new frames before consulting this company! Thank you so much!

  • Harry Hightman12th February 2018 2:37pm

    I live in the states and got the repairs back so fast it was unbelievable! Great great service. Repaired two Dior sunglasses, they were perfect. So easy and fast.

  • J Williams11th February 2018 3:15pm

    The arm of my Chanel glasses came off and I was heartbroken thinking about finding a replacement and the cost. I sent my glasses off and they have come back looking amazing! Such a fast service, very reasonable price and looking as good as new. Will definitely use your service again with no hesitancy. Thank you very much!

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