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How can you tell if Ray-Bans are real?

Finding out whether a pair of Ray-Ban glasses is real or fake can be a challenge. Those flogging knock-off glasses will often try to sell you pretty convincing replicas. This can leave you scratching your head over whether you're buying a genuine article or a convincing fake. Luckily, there are a bunch of things to look out for to help make sure you don't end up getting sold fake Ray-Bans.
Ray-Ban sunglasses are very popular worldwide and consistently rank among the top-selling brands globally. They have an enduring appeal that transcends generations and cultures, making them a fashion must-have for many. Ray-Ban's most popular styles, like the Wayfarer and Aviator, have become iconic of sunglasses fashion. The sunglasses are renowned for high-quality construction and have a reputation for durability and performance.
While retaining its classic style, Ray-Ban has successfully adapted designs to capture contemporary trends and fashion change. Ray-Ban has consistently benefited from endorsements by celebrities and influencers, further boosting its popularity. So it's important to know that what you are buying is the real deal and not some cheap fake.

Ways to check if Ray-Bans are genuine

  Check the price tag: A price that seems too good to be true, likely is. Real Ray-Ban sunglasses are rarely sold at a significant discount. Be wary of any deals that seem to offer Ray-bans for surprisingly good value. These are top-of-the-range glasses that usually come at a premium price.

  Look for the lens Logo: With genuine Ray-Ban glasses, you should be able to see a Ray-Ban logo printed on the top corner of the right lens. You shouldn't be able to peel off the logo, and it should appear clear and precise. Any blemish or lack of clarity should send a warning signal.

  Find the nose pad logo: Authentic Ray-Bans will also often have an embossed Ray-Ban logo visible on the nose pads. It is sunglasses with metal frames that usually have this feature. The Rayy-Ban logo is usually embossed in the centre of the pads which are usually a transparent or a light peach colour. Fake glasses will often lack this subtle detail.

  Test the quality: If Ray-Bans are the real deal, they will be made of high-quality materials. Check the build quality for overall craftsmanship, especially the hinges, as these are the most complex parts of a frame. If these elements are poorly constructed then that will likely indicate the glasses are fake.

  Look out for the holographic sticker: On many Ray-Ban models, there should be a holographic sticker present near the hinge on the left lens. The sticker should be clear and raised, tilting the glasses should cause the colours of the sticker to change. This feature is not present on all models, so it isn't a foolproof test of authenticity unless you know the exact model you are looking at and can be sure it should have the holographic sticker.

  Read the card and booklet: If Ray-Bans are genuine, they will typically come with an authenticity card and a booklet. Check these are present along with any Ray-Ban you may be looking to purchase. It is possible for these items to be faked by counterfeiters, so don't rely on the presence of these alone as proof of authenticity. But double-check the quality of the paper and the printing ink – they should be perfect.

  Find the serial number: The model number and serial number of each pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses will typically be found etched into the inside of the right arm. You can check these numbers against those provided by Ray-Ban. Fake Ray-Ban glass can often have missing or poorly etched numbers.

  Quaility-check the packaging: Paying attention to the details of the packaging can help confirm whether the Ray-Bans are real or fake. Authentic ones will come with a high-quality case, information booklet and a cleaning cloth.

  Look for the UV label: Ray-Ban lenses will provide you with 100% protection from UV. There should be labels indicating this UV protection, and if they are absent, that could be a warning sign that the glasses are bogus.

  Buy from an authorised retailer: If you want to make absolutely sure your Ray-Ban sunglasses are authentic, you should always buy them from an authorised and reputable online seller or store. To avoid the risk of ending up with fake Ray-Bans, avoid buying them from any unofficial street vendors. If you have purchased Ray-Ban glasses and have doubts about their authenticity then you can also double check by contacting Ray-Ban customer support or by asking an authorised retailer to appraise them.

The methods listed above are good immediate checks, but counterfeiters are constantly improving their fakes. Directly checking with Ray-Ban or an authorised retailer can sometimes be the only way to be 100% sure they are genuine. It is important to stay vigilant and keep well-informed on what to look out for when purchasing Ray-Ban glasses. There are good deals to be found online, and our sister site, Alphasunglasses, is worth a look for some Ray-Ban bargains.

Here at AlphaOmega, we always use genuine replacement parts for our Ray-Ban repairs. Our skilled technicians offer a wide variety of repairs and replacements for Ray-Ban glasses, such as temple arm repairs, hinge replacements, lens replacements or a full frame service and deep clean. All these repairs are done using authentic Ray-Ban replacement parts. Get in touch with us for a free quote on your Ray-Ban repair.

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