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AlphaOmega provides specialist expert glasses repair for both rimless and semi-rimless glasses.

Rimless glasses are those where the lenses are mounted directly onto the bridge of the spectacles or are attached to the temples instead of being contained within a glasses frame.

They come in two flavours; three-piece rimless glasses that have the lenses mounted on the bridge and with separate temple arms, while semi-rimless spectacles have an arch that links both the temples and the bridge.

No matter what type of rimless glasses repair you need, AlphaOmega is confident of carrying out even the most difficult repair, efficiently and professionally.

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Rimless spectacles can present particular problems when it comes to eyeglass repairs. The lenses are usually held in place by special drill-mounted screws although some use hollow rivets or 'bushings' that slot into holes in the lenses.

Bushings help to give a cleaner rimless look than screws, but they do tend to be more fragile and often need specialist work if they come loose or break.
Today, rimless glasses come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, colours and sizes and with many options such as screwless hinges and compression welds.

The popularity of rimless glasses has waxed and waned over the years but their success grew markedly with the introduction of lightweight acetates and modern metals like titanium.

Innovative materials technology has resulted in remarkable advances in recent years including the replacement of traditional hinges with rotating endpieces and the use of flat and very thin titanium temples to give strength and flexibility.

Stainless steel is another popular material for the manufacture of rimless glasses. It is strong, lightweight and durable and, like titanium, stays stable even when very thin, making it ideal for modern minimalist styles.

And minimalist is the key word for designer rimless glasses. Many designer manufacturers will add an anti-reflective coating to the lenses so that the eyewear virtually disappears.

Others add a light tint to the lenses or lens edges to give them a sleek and chic appearance while gradient tints can make the glasses look even more eye-catching.

Some say rimless glasses now represent the cutting edge of style in the modern age with the emphasis on technological and materials innovation.

But whichever type or style you may own, rimless glasses repair is a speciality of AlphaOmega Frame Repairs and we are confident we have the skills and equipment required to fix your broken glasses in just a few days.

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