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Glasses Repair & Spectacle Repairs

AlphaOmega offers a glasses repair service of the highest quality and standards in the glasses frame repair industry.

Skilled workers at AlphaOmega carry out spectacle repairs on all types of glasses and sunglasses: metal, plastic, titanium, stainless steel — even pure gold and other precious metals.

AlphaOmega can repair any make of spectacles and save you money, from top designer makes such as Ray Ban, Oakley and Armani to prescription spectacles and reading glasses.

Spectacle repairs are carried out by experienced specialists at our own UK service centre so you get your favourite glasses returned quickly and efficiently.

Staff at AlphaOmega use state-of-the-art micro laser welders, precision soldering and specialist electro-plating techniques to ensure that your glasses frame repair will look like new.

Our team of specially trained experts can fix almost any spectacle frame repair problem. We offer our services to the general public, to registered opticians and to the optical professions.

FREE: We give a free evaluation of repair costs and customers get a unique tracking code so they can check the progress of their glasses repair at any time.

FAST: We pride ourselves on our same-day turnaround service and we are confident that your broken glasses or sunglasses can be returned within days, looking good as new.

GUARANTEED: We are so confident of our spectacle repairs and frame service that all AlphaOmega repairs are covered by an unconditional 12-month guarantee.

And your glasses repair won't cost the earth. Packages start from as little as £9.99, most spectacle repairs cost £19.99 and even a major restoration will cost much less than replacing with new.

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These Prada sunglasses are about 13 years old and the frame has snapped right across the bridge.

I have a shattered left lens due to being dropped. The right lens has a small chip, both are intact in the frame.

My dog has chewed my reading glasses, broken both my lenses and scratched the bottom of the frame.

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There is more to it choosing sunglasses just because they are the latest craze. There are lots of other factors to consider. Protection from the sun is a given but few people really understand the effects of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, the different effects of sunglass tints and the real reason why some sunglasses are so very cheap and others are really expensive. Other things to consider vary from the personal to the practical.

Choosing Sunglasses

This company maintains excellent standards in customer care. It provides a swift service, communicates well over the phone and by email and evidently cares about its the quality of its work, its reputation and its customers.


ARMANI REPAIR Sue B. LONDON Sent my daughter's Armani glasses on a Monday, got them back all repaired on the Wednesday. Excellent service, will definitely recommend. OAKLEY REPAIR Robert T. DERBY Outstanding service ! Unbelievable turnaround time. Alpha Omega has to be the only company you should choose for your repairs.

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