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I was quoted £135.00 by my local optician (ex-optician) "It has to be a new frame, as we can't obtain spare parts," they said. I then found Alpha Omega and without fuss and at a very fair price the repair was done and the Stetson glasses were back with me within two days.


The spring in the hinge has broken causing the right arm to become unattached. Please repair with the existing arm.

One lens on my Raybans has cracked and needs to be replaced with a standard green tint non-polarised lens.

The hinge on one of the arms has broken off. It was repaired about four years ago and has had held good since.

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Another sterling job from AlphaOmega! The repair to my rimless glasses was done in super-quick time and all the more impressive because somebody (not me, haha!) forgot to put the order details in the Jiffy bag when they were despatched! Many thanks once more. I'm hoping I won't need your assistance again for a bit, but 100% confident that I'll get excellent service again if I do.

Eugenie V. ASCOT

Most people buying spectacles or sunglasses look at the lenses first to decide if they are the right shape, the right shade, and the right style. Frames really do deserve a closer look — they can not only make a big difference to how you look but to how you feel too. The materials that make up glasses frames may determine the size and weight of the lenses, the type and style of the hinge for the arms, the bridge and other factors.

Looking At Frames
Spectacle repairs

AlphaOmega offers a glasses repair service of the highest quality and standards in the glasses frame repair industry.

Skilled workers at AlphaOmega carry out spectacle repairs on all types of glasses and sunglasses: metal, plastic, titanium, stainless steel — even pure gold and other precious metals.

AlphaOmega can repair any make of spectacles, from top designer makes such as Ray Ban, Oakley and Armani to prescription spectacles and reading glasses.

Spectacle repairs are carried out using state-of-the-art micro laser welding, precision soldering and specialist electro-plating to ensure your glasses frame repair will look like new. We offer our services to the general public, to registered opticians and the optical professions.

FREE: We give a free evaluation of repair costs and customers get a unique tracking code so they can check the progress of their glasses repair at any time.

FAST: We pride ourselves on our same-day turnaround service and we are confident that your broken glasses or sunglasses can be returned within days, looking good as new.

GUARANTEED: We are so confident in the high quality of our spectacle frame repairs and lens replacement service that all AlphaOmega repairs are covered by an unconditional 12-month guarantee.

And your glasses repair won't cost the earth. Packages start from as little as £10, most spectacle repairs cost £20 and even a major restoration will cost much less than replacing with new.

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