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At AlphaOmega we get hundreds of enquiries about glasses repair. Customers contact us from across the UK, Europe and beyond with tales of broken spectacles.

We have handled queries from Switzerland, Malta, Spain — even Australia with stories of spectacles crushed by car doors, chewed by pets, broken by children and even written off as 'unrepairable' by professional opticians.

We pride ourselves on being able to help with even the most difficult glasses repair and, over the years, we have received thanks from hundreds of satisfied customers.

We publish negative comments too but you won't find many as they are so rare and, with our no quibble repair refund pledge, we do our very best to keep our customers happy. Below is just a selection of comments from our clients.

If you wish to comment on the glasses repair service from AlphaOmega service we will be most gratified to hear from you. To add your comments on AlphaOmega Glasses Repair please click the following link:

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Glasses repair feedback
  • Steve Gilpin11th November 2017 2:50pm

    Optician said the arm which had come off my Prada prescription sunglasses could not be repaired. Contacted AlphaOmega and they said they could be fixed for £20. I sent them on a Thursday morning and received them back fixed in the Saturday post. Excellent service and quality work. Highly recommended.

  • Andrew Nahlis11th November 2017 12:54pm

    Amazing, courteous and efficient service. The broken lens on my Ray-Bans was replaced with a genuine Ray-Bans lens and my sunglasses returned with no fuss and well packaged. I strongly recommend this company for repairs.

  • Andrew Dillon7th November 2017 9:38pm

    The right arm of my glasses had broken off, I sent them to AlphaOmega to be fixed. Two weeks later they arrived back with the broken right arm fixed but the perfectly fine left arm had been broken in the process. This a bit ridiculous.

    Editor's comment: We are sorry you have found a problem with your frame after we had repaired, if you wish to return your frame we will do any work free and give you a refund for your original repair.

  • Geoffrey Bryant7th November 2017 3:15pm

    I was surprised when the postman delivered my glasses on Tuesday morning because I had posted them on the previous Friday morning, so actually less than two working days. The repair itself is extremely neat, being barely visible — excellent craftsmanship. Specsavers told me that a repair was not economically viable and they could only offer me a new frame at £89. Therefore the cost of £26.50 was a huge saving. I will certainly spread the word about this company — absolutely brilliant.

  • Stuart W7th November 2017 1:14pm

    If you are looking for a great repair at a great price then these are the people to go to. My Oakley glasses were returned next day with an invisible repair to the arm that had snapped at the rivet hole. Unlike many places the phone call is always answered and info provided very helpful. A huge thank you to all.

  • Sue Osborn5th November 2017 11:17pm

    Highly recommend AlphaOmega. First class service. Sent my Raybans to them Tuesday and they came back Thursday, fully repaired, and looking like new. Repair is excellent workmanship. What a service and at very reasonable rates too. You guys knock spots off of high street stores. Thank you

  • James Thompson3rd November 2017 1:25pm

    Simply an excellent service with a competitive price! After searching other sites and to be told they can't help, Alphaomega achieved excellence in customer experience — Something that is quite rare in todays "market place"

    Thanks and keep the focus!

  • Laura Bray1st November 2017 11:30am

    Alphaomega were great at repairing my ray ban lenses, great communication, great price and ver quick turn around. Would highly recommend.

  • Martin Salazar Duran31st October 2017 8:20pm

    Excellent service! Posted my spectacles on Friday morning and got them back today (after only 1 working day) fully repaired. I'm really satisfied with this company's service: fast, efficient and fair priced. Would recommend anyone to use their services.

  • MARTYN LEONARD28th October 2017 10:32pm

    Fantastic service! I posted my broken spectacles on Thursday and they were returned to me duly repaired on Saturday. An excellent repair was carried out and I am recommending your company to all my friends and family. Well done and thank you very much.

  • Nik Brooks28th October 2017 10:02am

    Shocked to have the postman deliver my glasses back this morning.
    Posted Thursday afternoon, back Saturday morning repaired and cleaned.
    Great service. Thanks.

  • John O'Grady24th October 2017 4:05pm

    Excellent service. Spectacles repaired as requested and serviced too. Returned ahead of schedule. What a great and cost-effective service. Will be recommending you guys to friends and family without hesitation.

  • Darryl Goddard18th October 2017 2:25pm

    Best quality repair service and website ever, ever! Many businesses could learn from these girls and guys! Fantastic business and they even fixed my sunglasses, same-day return post, that I thought were beyond repair. Not bad going for Vintage Ray-Ban Clubmasters with very, very strong sentimental value.

  • Richard Cooper27th September 2017 4:22pm

    I broke the bridge on my titanium frames and rang AlphaOmega to see if I could drop them in for repair, expecting to have them posted back to me when repaired. To my surprise they fixed a new bridge while I waited, all done in about ten minutes. Amazing service, well done you guys.

  • barrie cooper26th September 2017 7:07pm

    What an amazing company. I have used them three times now because my dozy wife keeps breaking her Chanel glasses, three different repairs with each time a perfect repair and what a speedy return service. This company is the best.

  • Gary Wells26th September 2017 6:03pm

    So impressed with the service. Got my glasses back repaired in 2 days. In your face Vision Express, they said they could not be fixed! Thanks AlphaOmega.

  • Oreste Gargaro22nd September 2017 6:39pm

    Absolutely delighted with the repair to my sunglasses. Like a new pair off the shelf. Note to self, don't sit on them again. Thanks so much.

  • Leanne Bamford20th September 2017 7:26pm

    This company is amazing, they received my glasses Tuesday afternoon and fixed them right away and had them back to me by Wednesday! Extremely fast turn around which I'm incredibly happy about, considering that my own opticians where the glasses were originally purchased told me my glasses couldn't be repaired and that I had to purchase another set of frames at a cost of £89! Definitely recommend and will use again.

  • P. Wilkinson19th September 2017 11:23pm

    Just wanted to thank you for returning my repaired glasses so quickly. Great repair, great service. Many thanks.

  • Wayne Beers19th September 2017 11:03pm

    My wife bought some rimless specs 18 months ago from a certain 'should have gone to' company. When an arm failed the franchise owner said they didn't do those any more, couldn't fix them either and even if they could it would take weeks as their tech dept had gone to hell in a hand-cart! When my wife bought hers, I also bought rimless, plus 2x 'sunnies' and 2 pairs of designers for the kids, worth £500. What did that buy us? A surly attitude at point-of-sale and absolutely no aftercare. As hell hadn't frozen over, we looked on the net and found AlphaOmega. Slick, professional, friendly, bend-over-backwards helpful, cheap and ultra-fast, they will kill off the high street dinosaurs! Thanks guys!

  • Robert Deacon19th September 2017 8:03pm

    Had sunglasses repaired. The price was fair, the service and info given was excellent. Really, really pleased.

  • Ged Mead19th September 2017 12:52pm

    If only every UK company was as good as AlphaOmega, what a fantastic economy we would have! They successfully repaired my wife's titanium frames in May and the repair held good until she managed to break them again this month. AlphaOmega said they would either try and repair them again under warranty or, if that failed, would let me know the cost of replacing the arms. One day after sending them in they were on the phone to tell me that the specs were repaired and, for only the cost of the return postage, they would be back with us in less than 24 hours. And so they were. Wife happy, me happy, everybody happy. Wonderful service — well done, you guys!

  • Lucy Pesaro13th September 2017 2:01pm

    What the seller of my glasses could not do, AlphaOmega did in a few days and at a low cost. Very impressive service. No hesitation in recommending them.

  • Ian Addison31st August 2017 4:39pm

    Really fantastic job, I am so pleased. You mended, for a fraction of the cost, a pair of my Lindberg spectacles when all the opticians either said scrap and buy a new pair at circa £500 or a major part replacement job costs almost £200. Even by post you did it in only a few days. Really impressed and I recommend anyone to give you a go. Wonderful service!

  • Kevin Shannon29th August 2017 4:42pm

    Service was nothing short of awesome! Decided to drive down as it was not too far. Was asked to wait 20 minutes while the repair was done. Ray-Bans returned in better shape than the day I bought them. The price £10 — don't even think of going anywhere else.

  • Ciaran O25th August 2017 1:34pm

    My gorgeous Tom Ford aviators got sat on and I thought that was the end of a very costly purchase. Not at all, thanks to AlphaOmega. Sent them Monday, got them back Thursday. Extremely professional and friendly when I called with a query. You wouldn't have even known the shades were damaged, it's like having them back brand new.

  • Faisal23rd August 2017 1:44pm

    Used AlphaOmega for the second time after having an excellent service and turnaround time of just a day. I received the same this time, my Oakley carbon fibre frames came back looking like brand new after they were walked over and buckled. Well done to the team. Highly recommended.

  • Helen Quinn22nd August 2017 11:54am

    Excellent service from start to finish, saved my expensive Ray-Bans being binned. Submitted my query with a photo, paid £26 for post and package and got them back today fully repaired. Would definitely recommend this company for any repairs to brand glasses/sunglasses.

  • Vinny T22nd August 2017 10:57am

    Absolutely fantastic service, good value and good repairs. Can't even notice they were broken. I sent the sunglasses to them on Thursday lunchtime and received them back fully repaired on the Saturday morning. Many thanks. Would recommend 110%.

  • Stacey Brewer22nd August 2017 9:44am

    Amazing service! The gold clasps on my brand new Gucci sunglasses had bent where the glasses had been sat on, I was so upset! I emailed my details and a picture of the glasses to AlphaOmega, received a quote of £20 and within two days I received my shades in brand new condition! So happy and have let all my friends and family know to use them in the future!

  • Mike McNally16th August 2017 2:38pm

    Following on from my recent arm repair I bit the bullet and sent them back for new lenses. The lenses came from Italy so it took a bit longer this time (less than a week though) and my Ray-Bans look as new. The price was great — no one else came close in value. I should have had the arm and lenses done at the same time and saved postage but that was my bad. Even with two repairs the cost worked out better than buying a new pair and these are so well broken in that wasn't really an option for me. Can't recommend highly enough.

  • Joseph Goodwin15th August 2017 9:45am

    Excellent service. It wasn't expensive to repair my Armani sunglasses. I drove down to the workshop and they repaired them within 20 minutes. Absolutely happy with the repair. They don't even look like they had been repaired. They look brand new.

  • Bill Pimblett14th August 2017 5:58pm

    I've had my Oliver People's glasses for some now but the right arm hinge rivets had worn and not one of the opticians I took them to had any idea or even a suggestion how to get them repaired! I'd put up with the problem for about 3 years until I found AlphaOmega by chance. I paid £20, sent them last Wednesday the 9th August, and received them back Friday 11th August. The results were amazing! Rivets sorted, glasses and lenses clean and as new. Can't recommend this company enough! Many thanks and well done the staff at AlphaOmega.

  • Ann Forsey14th August 2017 4:26pm

    My Fendi glasses required repair and I sent them into AlphaOmega, whose details I discovered on the web. I'm so glad I did as they repaired them so very quickly and perfectly — I was only without my glasses for 2 days. They were so efficient and I would recommend them to anyone who has glasses needing repair.

  • Jason Savidge11th August 2017 10:20am

    Fantastic service. All local opticians were not interested in what I thought was a simple repair. Sent enquiry on Tuesday morning with photos, had a reply back within a few hours. I posted them on Wednesday and received them back on Friday morning! Brilliant — not difficult, but some companies just are able to do simple things well. Thank you.

  • Adrian Roberts9th August 2017 7:08pm

    I can't rate the service highly enough. After my frame broke I thought it was a write off as it is no longer available but for just £20.00 AlphaOmega proved me wrong. The repair is first rate and I only posted it off on Monday and have it back on Wednesday. Thank You! I will recommend your service to anyone who has need of it.

  • Janice Dodds7th August 2017 4:23pm

    Excellent service, tried to get my glasses fixed by Specsavers but they just said there was nothing they could do with them (didn't even bother to check with a technician). I took some pictures and set them to AlphaOmega and they gave me a price of £20.00. Got them back within a couple of days. Would recommend this company 100%.

  • Neil Puncher3rd August 2017 4:15pm

    Just received my glasses back after being very impressed with the repair done to my wife's frames, something I thought was impossible! Fantastic work and turn around time, can't thank you enough. Should I ever have the misfortune to have mine break again, or even a family member or friend break theirs, I know where to send them.

  • Natalie conrath3rd August 2017 10:05am

    Seriously impressed with the efficiency and speed of this service. After taking my broken Ray-Bans into several glasses shops, including the Ray-Ban store itself, I was told they were unfixable. I sent them on Tuesday afternoon and received them back good as new on Thursday morning! Thank you for doing such a good job on them, I really can't believe how quick it was. Some really impressive customer service I don't think I've received from anywhere in a long time. At £20 I couldn't be happier. Thank you!

  • Stephen James27th July 2017 11:17pm

    Brilliant service. I sent my sunglasses off on Tuesday for the repair to one of the arms/hinges and I received them back on Thursday at 8am! Fantastic service and my glasses are just like new. Thank you, I will definitely be recommending you.

  • Mike McNally27th July 2017 12:51pm

    I was unsure about the site as it seems unique in the UK, possibly because who else could compete with such amazing service. Sent the glasses on Tuesday, returned on Thursday. Re-fixing an arm to my Ray-Ban Wayfarer II glasses that I accidentally snapped off by sitting on them. Arm is as new, flawless. Simply brilliant value, £20 plus postage. Far cheaper than buying even a second-hand replacement pair. Can't recommend highly enough.

  • Mark Howard12th July 2017 3:59pm

    My Ray-Ban Aviators were missing an arm (I have a young son). I sent the glasses via second class post last Thursday and the following Wednesday the glasses were returned. They look like new! Great service and will recommend to others.

  • Liam Kiely7th July 2017 11:29am

    I arranged for my glasses to be dropped at your Crewe facility yesterday at midday, today at 10 they arrive at my offices in Oxford, repaired looking like they are brand new. Specsavers would replace my frames at a cost of £300. You welded them and did an incredible job for £35.00. Astonishing customer service, you and your team should be so proud. I have no hesitation to recommend you to all friends and family. Thank you for saving me £265.

  • Lance Curran6th July 2017 1:17pm

    I'm not one to leave feedback, I pay for a service and you did your job. Well done. Why should i tell the world you did your job? But, AlphaOmega WOW! Job well done. Sent my broken Ray-Ban's on Tuesday afternoon and received my glasses on Thursday at noon. Ray-Ban wouldn't repair them for me. Went to my opticians but they wanted to charge me the price of the glasses. No thank you. My RayBans are like brand new! Thank you, thank you, thank you for a Job well done!

  • Steve H6th July 2017 10:35am

    I posted my Oakleys after the hinge fixing broke, I was quoted £41.00 after sending of on a Tuesday lunchtime 1st class. I was amazed to receive them back on the Thursday morning. Fantastic service, still can't believe it. The welded repair looks good and strong. Thanks, Steve.

  • Giselle Sinnott4th July 2017 6:06pm

    Absolutely amazing service. I sent my D&G sunglasses off on Monday, last post, and received them back first thing on Wednesday morning. The repair is exceptional, they are like new, and they were also cleaned. I would have no hesitation to recommend. Blooming brilliant.

  • Lisa Russell4th July 2017 12:09pm

    Fantastic service! I thought that there was no hope of repair for my Ray-Bans after I broke the arm and couldn't repair it myself. But this brilliant firm fixed it and sent the sunglasses straight back to me, as good as new, by return of post for just £20 + postage. When I do next buy new ones I'll definitely get them from the firm's sister site, AlphaSunglasses, as I see that six months of accidental damage repair cover with AlphaOmega Frame Repairs is included!

  • Keith Grossett30th June 2017 3:43pm

    Amazing service! Originally sent my varifocal rimless glasses to get the nose pad replaced. Posted away on a Monday, back to the Isles of Scilly by Friday lunchtime! Not only were the glasses repaired, but also when the nose pad broke off again they were repaired under warranty again and turned around within a week (for free)! Brilliant! Thank you.

  • Paul newnam28th June 2017 2:02pm

    Excellent service, I broke my glasses for the second time and they were repaired free of charge within two days. Very impressed, thank you.

  • Chris Marwood26th June 2017 8:07am

    I rarely feel the need to post reviews, but I felt that the service I have received was too good not to praise. My son dropped and trod on his Tommy Hilfiger glasses, bending the hinge and inset mounting point. Specsavers couldn't replace just the face as they no longer stocked them and I didn't fancy paying £80 for a new pair. I asked Alpha for a quote (I sent images of the fault) on a Saturday and got it back the same evening. I posted last thing on Monday and they were back by first thing Thursday morning, looking like new.I was dubious about using any old company that came up on the first page of google, but thought for £20 + post, what could possibly go wrong. Nothing! I'd have no hesitation in recommending Alpha Omega and will the use them again, when he next breaks them ;-)

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