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At AlphaOmega we get hundreds of enquiries about glasses repair. Customers contact us from across the UK, Europe and beyond with tales of broken spectacles.

We have handled queries from Switzerland, Malta, Spain — even Australia with stories of spectacles crushed by car doors, chewed by pets, broken by children and even written off as 'unrepairable' by professional opticians.

We pride ourselves on being able to help with even the most difficult glasses repair and, over the years, we have received thanks from hundreds of satisfied customers.

We publish negative comments too but you won't find many as they are so rare and, with our no quibble repair refund pledge, we do our very best to keep our customers happy. Below is just a selection of comments from our clients.

If you wish to comment on the glasses repair service from AlphaOmega service we will be most gratified to hear from you. To add your comments on AlphaOmega Glasses Repair please click the following link:

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Sunglasses repair
  • John MacMahon19th May 2017 10:32am

    Having dropped my year old Ray-Ban sunglasses, resulting in a crack across one of the lenses, I Googled and came across AlphaOmega. I was pleasantly surprised by the initial quote (in my case £60 plus return postage for fitting two replacement polarised lenses) and the quality of the service. It took around a week to turn them around and when they did come back they were as good as new, extremely well packaged including both of the old lenses. My sense is they take pride in what they do — one happy customer now.

  • Alice Bracken18th May 2017 4:19pm

    Excellent service! Really easy instructions to follow about sending glasses off and they were sent back to me within two days of me sending them off. Would highly recommend, perfectly packaged and in excellent condition. Would definitely use again, thank you!

  • Ian W17th May 2017 3:58pm

    Having cracked the lens on my Ray Ban sunglasses I was very happy with the fix option recommended by Alpha Omega. Great customer service, great fast repair, super pleased with the results. I would recommend AlphaOmega

  • George Kerr13th May 2017 11:41am

    The best and fastest service I have had! The repair to my Ray-Ban sunglasses is truly excellent and I'm really fussy about things. I highly recommend this company!

  • Amy O7th May 2017 11:19am

    Amazing service — I sat on my glasses and one arm was bent out of place while the other had come off completely. I sent the glasses off on Wednesday and they were returned to me good as new by Saturday morning! Would highly recommend.

  • Matthew Harris3rd May 2017 3:36pm

    Thank you so much for the repair of my Ray-Bans! Delivery was so quick and the repair superb! Like everyone is saying, the turn-around time is unbelievable! Sent on Tuesday, back on Friday! How good is that! One happy chappy!

  • Deb Robinson2nd May 2017 2:12pm

    Absolutely fantastic service. Sent my Dita titanium wire framed glasses last Thursday afternoon and they were returned on Saturday. The frame was snapped and I was told by everywhere I enquired in the West Midlands that they were beyond repair. They are as good as new. I cannot recommend this company highly enough. Thank you so much.

  • Alex Wood1st May 2017 10:03am

    This company is amazing, fantastic and miracle workers! I had somehow managed to step on my Crosshair Oakleys and crushed them. The frame was snapped in one place and totally misshaped. I searched online and found AlphaOmega. Sent my glasses off, more in hope than expectation. But they have come back like new. I am totally amazed and can't recommend this company highly enough. Thank you so much for your brilliant workmanship and service!

  • Penny Brill27th April 2017 5:15pm

    OMG! What service. Thank you so so much. Both sets of my sunglasses look like new and I am totally blown away by the speed in your turnaround. Absolutely recommend this company.

  • Sameera Waheed26th April 2017 7:23pm

    Brilliant service from AlphaOmega. I accidentally broke the connecting bit on the arm of my beloved rimless Bulgari glasses. My optician said that they couldn't be fixed. Frantic and not wanting to spend hundreds of pounds on new glasses, I looked online and found AlphaOmega at the top of my Google search. All the reviews were great so I took the plunge. I posted my glasses on Friday and had them back on Tuesday morning looking fabulous and fixed! Highly recommended!

  • Carole Baker24th April 2017 12:12pm

    Quality service. Superb, excellent, unbelievably quick and professional. Totally recommend this company's repair service.

  • Andy Brown24th April 2017 10:23am

    Excellent service. Emailed two photos of the two detached "arms/hinges", estimate came back promptly. Glasses sent on the Wednesday, wife wearing them again on the Friday of the same week. How good is that? Well done.

  • Mark Couldrick22nd April 2017 8:59am

    Sent my Oakley half wire sunglasses with a broken arm on Tuesday. Friday morning they were back with me, repaired exactly as described. Very pleased.

    Excellent service, Thank you! :)

  • Anna Harvey11th April 2017 10:18am

    So I sent my broken Prada sunglasses off thinking that they were a lost cause. I sent them on the Saturday and received them back on the Tuesday completely fixed and serviced. WOW an amazing service, something that's rare to find these days. Thank you very much indeed. :)

  • Malcolm Sutton6th April 2017 2:44pm

    Two words sum up AlphaOmega — Excellent and Professional.

  • Bryn Hossack6th April 2017 8:55am

    The arms of my just over a year old pair of Ray-Bans sunglasses needed repairing. Sent them off on Friday, and they were back with me by Tuesday looking like I have just bought them from the shop. The service and turn around is amazing. I will be using AlphaOmega again. Thank you so much.

  • Cathy Betts30th March 2017 1:55pm

    My Ray-Ban sunglasses have just arrived back as good as new! I am so pleased. I contacted AlphaOmega for a quote on Monday, received the quote and posted them off on Tuesday and am amazed and thrilled that they've just arrived back at Thursday lunchtime! My sunglasses look brilliant and are no longer a twisted mess. I am now off to tell everyone that will listen of how great AlphaOmega are — I am so glad I made the decision to contact you. Thank you so much!

  • Emma Walker28th March 2017 4:32pm

    I sat on my Chanel sunglasses and bent the arm out of alignment, they were wonky when I put them on! I was slightly worried about sending them off to AlphaOmega, having never heard of them, but I'm pleased to say my glasses were returned safe and sound within a few days and looking as good as new! Thank you AlphaOmega!

  • Christie Huseyin28th March 2017 9:19am

    Absolutely over the moon with my sunglasses. My rose tinted mirrored Ray-Bans had awful scratches in them and were blurring my vision in one eye. I contacted AlphaOmega, sent my glasses in to them and they have just come back absolutely perfect! They were my favourite sunglasses and I can't thank you enough for giving them a new lease of life. I will be shouting my recommendation to you from the rooftops!

  • Chris Spinks25th March 2017 3:17pm

    Fantastic! I believed my Ray-Ban's would not look the same after one of the arms broke off! But they have come back after repairs just the same as the day I bought them. Truly amazing service. Thank you AlphaOmega.

  • Faisal Suleman24th March 2017 12:27pm

    My Oakley titanium frame had broken, replacement frame was costing £300. Sent them for repair on Wednesday and received them back on Friday looking like brand new, super efficient and excellent workmanship. Great job, well done.

  • Martyn Holland23rd March 2017 12:17pm

    My rimless glassed perfectly repaired and returned in two days. The cost was £47. My quote from one of the chain of high street opticians was for over £300 which included a dispensing fee of £65 and the cost of two new temple frames as the originals could not be repaired! Thank you AlphaOmega for a first class service at a reasonable cost.

  • Peter Long23rd March 2017 11:01am

    One of the most positive experiences I've had with an online company. My first email enquiry was followed up same day. My local opticians hadn't really fixed the spring hinge so the specs were still falling off my head. I sent my glasses to AlphaOmega and got a call back the day after I sent them saying they could fix and I'd have them back next day. They are as good as their word. Just arrived special delivery and are perfect. All for about £25 which is a real result against the cost of replacing. This is a website I'll definitely be bookmarking and sharing with my bespectacled friends! Very many thanks.

  • Dee Wood16th March 2017 12:15pm

    What an amazing service. My Kate Spade glasses have been repaired and they have just been delivered by return post. This is incredible and the glasses look brand new! Will be recommending this company to everyone! Thank you so much!

  • Hamish Boyle16th March 2017 11:11am

    Sent my Ray-Bans on Tuesday evening, received them back Thursday morning with everything as good as new! Incredible service. Thanks.

  • Mr Philip Hawksworth15th March 2017 7:04pm

    You guys are the best. Sincerely mean that. You repaired my glasses when others wouldn't. Then because of the delicate repair needed the arm unfortunately gave way again. You said "send them in" and then did another brilliant repair as part of your guarantee. I am amazed at this brilliant service, the quick turnaround and how skilled you are. Thank you so much. I will recommend you from the highest of mountains and to everyone I know you will help. Five star plus.

  • Janice Gilmore14th March 2017 11:02am

    Sent my Juicy Couture sunglasses on Thursday and got them back on Saturday brand new! These glasses fell off my head and I managed to stand on them so as you can imagine I thought they were finished. Thanks to AlphaOmega they get to see another holiday or two. I couldn't recommend this company enough.

  • Nathaniel Skeen13th March 2017 2:27pm

    I was somewhat sceptical when I posted my two glasses frames up to AlphaOmega. One had fallen apart soon after purchase, while the second frame met the heel of my foot on a dark night and the metal had been ripped apart. I popped them in the post. I had a message at 4pm on Thursday to tell me the glasses had been delivered. On Friday I received both frames back in the post in perfect working order. I'm really very impressed.

  • Craig Speakman6th March 2017 12:01pm

    I sent my Ray-Ban aviators to be repaired on Thursday afternoon had them back Saturday morning as good as new. Fantastic job. You've got a customer for life now. Thanks again.

  • Clare Jacobs5th March 2017 9:24pm

    I sent my Ray-Bans for repair on 03/03/17 and they were repaired and sent back on 04/03/17! Outstanding service and worth every penny. Many thanks, one very happy customer, A*.

  • Lauren Thompson4th March 2017 10:30am

    I broke my glasses a few years ago, always been meaning to get them fixed as they're Gucci... The left arm was completely snapped off... I basically had no hope, there was also dry glue all over my glasses as someone tried to hot glue them together... I posted them on Thursday. They are here! Half 10 on Saturday, I am so happy, thank you for your service and thanks for getting the glue off, they look brand new.

  • Arthur laws26th February 2017 8:53am

    Great service posted glasses on Wednesday 4pm, got them back repaired 8.30am on Friday.

  • Phil Maidment25th February 2017 11:50am

    I sent my bent Ray-Ban sunglasses on Wednesday and they were returned with a perfect repair on Saturday morning — and all for £20! Fantastic service. Thank you.

  • Arthur laws24th February 2017 1:03pm

    Send my Ray-Ban Aviators for repair on Wednesday, 4pm. Received them 8.30am on Friday as good as new, great service.

  • Maria Robins18th February 2017 11:22am

    I would love to leave a comment but I cannot get this company to respond to me! Filled out their contact form about a pair of broken Gucci glasses, got no response, emailed them and still got no response. Just tried to ring and its an answerphone.

    Editor's comment: Sorry you have not had a reply from out team, however there is no record of an enquiry from you. Please see our times of opening as you will get an answerphone message when we are closed. We do phone back if you leave your number. We hope you will try us again. Thank you for your patience.

  • Albert Edwards17th February 2017 11:22am

    What fantastic service. I hadn't followed the instructions properly in sending the broken arm, but the repair was done at the price of the original quote. Thank you so much and for the incredibly prompt turnaround. I would give you five stars out of five.

  • Sonia S16th February 2017 10:11am

    Wonderful service — so happy! The arm of my Prada glasses snapped off which were my favourite and bought for my birthday! The turnaround time was super quick — just a few days and the repair wonderfully priced!

    I will highly recommend AlphaOmega and it's so great to deal with a company that makes everything easy (for a change) to obtain a quote, pay online and receive in return the highest level of service with a quality repair!

    Thank you so much!

  • Jesmond Micallef11th February 2017 4:05pm

    Absolutely fantastic service. Thank you very much for repairing my metal Ray Ban frame. Just picked it up this morning. I did not expect the laser welded repair to be so neat and feel very happy that I can once again enjoy wearing my favourite frame. Well done and keep up your service.

  • Stephen Oliver10th February 2017 12:56pm

    I am seriously impressed with your service. I sent in my titanium framed glasses (unbreakable — LOL!) only a couple of days ago. They've just arrived back, fixed, perfect. Really outstanding service. I have another, older, broken pair of specs I used for gardening etc. I was going to ditch them but now I'll get them fixed at AlphaOmega. Thanks.

  • Victor Aburto MacBeath10th February 2017 12:55pm

    Thank you for such a quick reliable and amazing service. I was really concerned about sending my glasses, to be honest. Never again, thank you so much, you are such an amazing company. Trust you a million! Well Done!!

  • Holly Delaney9th February 2017 12:47pm

    Amazingly quick service! Got the glasses back and fixed within days, as good as new! They've managed to fix what the opticians said could not be done! Thanks!

  • AH7th February 2017 1:34pm

    Absolutely tremendous service. My Tom Ford glasses were as good as new and back with me after two days. Many thanks.

  • Laura Young6th February 2017 10:46am

    Thank you for the speedy repair of my RayBans. I thought they were beyond repair but they are now as good as new. Thanks again.

  • Colin McRae5th February 2017 3:36pm

    My titanium frame glasses, which are 10+ years old broke just by the nose bridge. They are so comfortable that I took them to my opticians for repair but was told "Sorry — they are titanium and cannot be welded/repaired". Found AlphaOmega through Google, got a quote online, posted them off. Two days later — fully repaired, returned to me and I am wearing them again! I saved hundreds of pounds with AlphaOmega and the repair carried out in super-fast time at a very reasonable cost together with a 12-month guarantee on the repair. A brilliant company with excellent service — highly recommended and very efficient. Thank you very much!

  • David Franklin4th February 2017 5:06pm

    Really impressed with this service. I posted the specs on Wednesday, had them back by Friday looking brand new. My glasses became mangled after a bear hug from a drunk friend and it would have been £150 to replace so £26 to repair was great value. I wish I had discovered you guys before, to think of how many decent specs I've binned after they were damaged. Thanks again

  • Aga Czapnik24th January 2017 7:09pm

    Everything perfect and very quickly to repair my Emporio Armani glasses. Thank You So much!

  • Mary Ardern24th January 2017 5:28pm

    Don't be too quick to be impressed by these reviews and this site. I was, and then I enquired about my glasses, including two photos. Their speedy reply was: "Sorry this is beyond all possible repair and the parts are not available from our supplier." I mentioned my surprise to my brother who asked to look at the broken glasses. Half an hour later they were repaired and fully functioning. He isn't a glass-repair expert and they didn't require any new parts, just bending back four bits of metal and rehanging the arms. Free repair from a priceless brother.

    Editor's comment: I'm sorry you found our response disappointing but due to the design of your frame the joints, which are a spring mechanism, could not be repaired or replaced. When we repair a frame, we offer a 12-month warranty on repairs. Therefore, the work has to be to a high standard and robust enough to last. We do not glue parts or use inferior processes. Thank you for your comments, but I would like to assure you that the overwhelming majority of frames we receive can be repaired.

  • Lara Martin12th January 2017 11:39pm

    THEY ARE INCREDIBLE! I am so happy — for £20 they repaired my quite expensive sunglasses and they did it within two working days! Like new! I am very impressed and so happy to recommend this company to anyone. Thank you!!

  • David Scott11th January 2017 12:56pm

    Having been told by my optician where I purchased my glasses that they were totally beyond repair, I contacted AlphaOmega. Sent them off on a Monday and received back like new on the Wednesday!! Fantastic!! Total cost from them £26.50. All I had to do was pay for postage to them. Similar pair new would have cost me £230! Well done all at AlphaOmega, can't praise enough.

  • Martyn Howard-Evans10th January 2017 10:21am

    Superb service. You repaired my beloved and sadly no longer made Persol sunglasses. Clear and upfront quotation process and glasses returned repaired within 48 hours. Many thanks.

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