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At AlphaOmega we get hundreds of enquiries about glasses repair. Customers contact us from across the UK, Europe and beyond with tales of broken spectacles.

We have handled queries from Switzerland, Malta, Spain — even Australia with stories of spectacles crushed by car doors, chewed by pets, broken by children and even written off as 'unrepairable' by professional opticians.

We pride ourselves on being able to help with even the most difficult glasses repair and, over the years, we have received thanks from hundreds of satisfied customers.

We publish negative comments too but you won't find many as they are so rare and, with our no quibble repair refund pledge, we do our very best to keep our customers happy. To comment on AlphaOmega service please click on Add Your Comments below. We are also now on TrustPilot so if you prefer to leave an independent review then click the icon.

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Sunglasses repair
  • Irene King11th May 2013 9:38am

    I cannot recommend this company highly enough. My Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses had broken at the arm joint. I sent them on the Thursday express delivery, I received them Saturday morning. Thank you very much.

  • TRACY WILLIAMS28th April 2013 11:00am

    Can't believe how quick and easy your service is. Fantastic repair and will recommend to everyone. Thank you so much

  • alan prosser26th April 2013 7:39pm

    Brilliant service and repair, opticians said glasses were unrepairable, new glasses £400 plus, posted 12,30 on wednesday back early friday morning, amazing ,
    Thank you .

  • Mark Borg23rd March 2013 11:54am

    Thank you David for you're prompt and courteous service. To say that I am satisfied with the repair is an understatement. I cannot believe that such a standard would be achievable as I honestly had written my Police glasses off as unrepairable. Again thank you for everything and hopefully the need will not arise to soon but if it does, rest assured I will be back in contact. Thank you

  • Mark Borg23rd March 2013 11:53am

    Thank you, David, for your prompt and courteous service. To say that I am satisfied with the repair is an understatement. I cannot believe that such a standard would be achievable as I honestly had written my Police glasses off as unrepairable. Again thank you for everything and hopefully the need will not arise too soon but if it does, rest assured I will be back in contact. Thank you.

  • Colin Cheese20th March 2013 11:43am

    Thank you for the incredibly fast repair service. When I broke the nose pad bracket off my new and expensive specs I was expecting to have to replace them. As it was, I posted them Monday afternoon and got them back Wednesday morning with an invisible repair. I have passed your mailing box on to a colleague so that he can send his damaged specs in.

  • Peter9th March 2013 3:22pm

    My Wife's repaired glasses and received this morning. Delighted with your service. Will no doubt use you again. Many thanks. Peter

  • Catherine Murphy20th February 2013 3:18pm

    What a great service. Sent on Saturday, returned mended on Tuesday, wow. Many British companies could learn from you. Will recommend you. Thank you.

  • Michael Mallows22nd January 2013 8:18pm

    Thanks very much, brilliant fast service. Saved me a fortune compared with the quote from Vision Express.

  • Jamie C18th January 2013 10:18am

    Thank you AlphaOmega. Yet again an excellent repair to my glasses. Thanks very much.

  • Peter Creighton17th January 2013 6:43pm

    After six months of failure between the spectacle manufacturer, the optician and a specialist jeweller, Alpha Omega fixed the problem and more within one day. This is the best service I have ever encountered.

  • Eddie Keeney11th January 2013 12:58pm

    Glasses have just arrived back. Impressive one day turnaround. Great job I would happily recommend.

  • Ayala Marshall12th December 2012 11:02am

    My titanium glasses snapped across the bridge on Sunday, I sent them to you for repair on Monday. Today is Wednesday and they have already arrived back repaired. I am really happy and impressed. Thank you!

  • Benedict M Slater10th December 2012 1:25pm

    Despite being initially apprehensive to use this site, I have to say I'm nothing other than astounded by the quality and speed of service. I was told by Specsavers that my glasses couldn't be repaired. Sent them off on Friday, back by Tuesday, with two new drilled hinges and I'm very pleased!. I would use again in an instant and would highly recommend AlphaOmega to anyone. Many thanks.

  • Les Brooks27th November 2012 5:49pm

    Posted Friday 23rd. Repaired and back in my hands on the 27th. BRILLIANT! Great repair to a pair of titanium Oakleys at a great price, THANK YOU.

  • Alan Pettifer22nd August 2012 8:50am

    I was quoted £135.00 by my local optician (ex-optician) "It had to be a new replacement frame, as we can't obtain spare parts," they said. I then found Alpha Omega and without fuss and at a very fair price the repair was done and the Stetson glasses were back with me within two days. Marvellous, I'll be back when I sit on the next pair.

  • Bill Rudman3rd August 2012 8:41am

    I have a pair of Raybans that are more than 30 years old. A cherished possession which travelled all over the world with me. I have used AlphaOmega twice to repair the frames. The first time was swift and the repair has lasted. The second time, for a different repair, was carried out in 48 hours from the time I posted to the time I collected the repaired glasses from the main post office. Once again the repair was a quality job. Thank you. I highly recommend AlphaOmega for this work. Great quality and very swift service.

  • Graham Dunlop18th July 2012 11:13am

    I must congratulate you on a wonderful service. My optician 'wrote-off' my Prada titanium frames and you repaired them like new. Not only that but I had them back in less than 48 hours. Thank you very much.

  • David Magni30th May 2012 3:26pm

    I am very pleased to report that my watch part arrived back on Saturday. The repair is perfect and I would like to thank you for such excellent and extremely prompt service. I will certainly use your services again and recommend your company at any opportunity.

  • Steve Thompson30th May 2012 10:32am

    Thanks for a quick and easy service. I thought I was in for a £300 replacement pair of specs until I found you. I sent the frames off on Monday and got them back on Wednesday; fixed. Can't thank you enough!

  • Paul Tompkins4th May 2012 12:14pm

    Many thanks for your wonderful and super fast service. I will have no hesitation in using your service again and will be recommending your service to friends and family. Thanks again.

  • Daniel Bayou23rd March 2012 1:36pm

    I would like to say a big thank you to David at AlphaOmega for your excellent service. I sent my Adidas prescription glasses on Wednesday and got them back on Friday fully repaired. I highly recommend them to anyone. They were very helpful, prompt, with great communication and at a reasonable cost.

  • Ronald Payton21st March 2012 4:59pm

    Thankyou for the quick repair of my glasses,snapped the arm off at the pivot joint was going to throw them away the wife said look on the internet and see if you can get them repaired and found AlphaOmega thank you for a very good job,fit better than first bought shall pass the word about your service.

  • G Norman6th March 2012 2:43pm

    I sent my Raybans to be repaired on friday and got them back Tuesday — they've been gathering dust broken in a drawer for years. Fantastic service. Thank you very much

  • David Laycock24th February 2012 12:48pm

    The bridge on my titanium glasses parted
    and my optician and repair companies gave me the impression that my glasses could not be repaired ? I had to buy new glasses at £400. Then found ALPHAOMEGA . broken glasses repaired and I cannot find the join.
    Well done a very happy chappy

  • Kevin Brown27th January 2012 9:47am

    Fantastic service. My second (also un-repairable according to three opticians) pair will be in the post to them on Monday.

  • Mr Geoff House18th January 2012 8:00pm

    Really surprised by the fast turnaround. fantastic service and an excellent repair job on frameless glasses. would recommend this service to everyone.

  • David Sproston16th December 2011 3:20pm

    Many thanks for a superb repair to a customer's Koali Titanium Frame. The quality of the colour restoration was superb. As good as new!

  • Marcella Bellot26th October 2011 11:10am

    I just want to say a big thank you for the repair of my frame, especially after my optician said they could not be repaired and that I would have to buy a new pair! After hearing this I posted my glasses to Alpha Omega on Monday afternoon and received them back the Wednesday morning. The repair is superb, so much so that I couldn't remember which side had been broken — it's like having a new frame. Would definately recommend.

  • Anthony Fosbrook20th October 2011 3:09pm

    No fault now. Very impressed by the service. Brilliant job, super fast turn round. Very Happy. Will use you again. Thanks !!!! Really unsure if you could repair the frame at that point as it's so thin. Perfect colour match, like new.

  • Maurice Henry7th October 2011 1:34pm

    broken titanium frame repair. "Unrepairable" repair brilliantly done for £36. Posted from NI 2pm Wed — back 10am Fri. Exceptional service, thank-you very much. Maurice Henry

  • Michael Grove29th September 2011 5:42pm

    This service is brilliant — the repair on the glasses virtually undetectable, and they were received back inside 2 days. Highly recommended, thank you so much.

  • nathan jenkins29th September 2011 10:58am

    amazing ! frame damage on my nearly new £160 folding wayfarers meant i thought they were curtains. full seamless repair and door to door returned the following day. superd. thanks david ! it' sunny this week too !

  • Nigel Ryan28th September 2011 11:50am

    Awesome service. The frame was broken and repaired very well and posted back on the same day. Can't fault that level of customer care.

  • Phil Gould14th September 2011 10:37pm

    Fantastic service at a reasonable price! When I checked this site I appreciated the no nonsense pricing structure. I posted my titanium framed glasses for a repair on Monday at 4 pm. Received them back today Wednesday at 10 am, repaired,cleaned and tightened up as good as new. Absolutely delighted with the service received and would recommend AlphaOmega to anyone.

  • Sean Bembridge14th September 2011 12:36pm

    Fanatastic service with very quick turnaround times. Customer service as it should be! Many thanks.

  • Chris Walsh13th September 2011 4:18pm

    Highly recommended. For me a 1 day turnaround, competitive price, and whilst unable to replace with original arm the replacement was even better. Delighted with service and would not hesitate to recommend/use again.

  • Elaine Wilson30th August 2011 7:27am

    Excellent efficient service. Thank you

  • John Whitehouse27th August 2011 10:38am

    Had a titanium frame with expensive lenses (high refractive index, varifocal, transitions) and a broken hinge. I was unable to source a replacement frame which would use these lenses. Superb repair. Posted Tuesday and received back by special delivery Saturday morning (prior to a Bank holiday — which I thought would cost extra). Really top rate service.

  • peter edwards30th July 2011 9:41pm

    I can't believe the turnaround achieved for my repair,it must have been only hours, & a quality repair.
    Well done, and thank you.
    Peter Edwards

  • Haydn27th July 2011 3:11pm

    If you need a repair on your glasses or sun glasses you must try these good people. Three times they have repaired my glasses for a very reasonable charge in no time at all. Once when the bridge snapped I was going to throw them but they made them like new. Now look what they are up to! Posting me parts free of charge.

  • Geoffrey Thomas17th July 2011 10:57am

    A week ago a local optician said my titanium frames could not be repaired. One of your competitors recommended by a nationwide chain of opticians was not transparent on their pricing policy. So I tentatively chose AlphaOmega. Brilliant service — 24 hour turnaround. Clear pricing. Very impressed and I will not hesitate in recommending your company. Well done and thank you

  • Steve Mills15th July 2011 12:24pm

    Hi Alpha Omega. Just received back my broken titanium glasses in 2 days. Must say I am very impressed !! Excellent fast and efficient service & the quality of the repair is excellent. It's like having a brand new pair of glasses but without the huge expense. Excellent value for money !!Having been "excessively" quoted around £150 !! by my Specsavers branch, I can't thank you enough for such a good and professional service. I will be "highly recommending" Alpha Omega repairs to family,friends & work colleagues who may encounter a similar experience to myself when visiting their own glasses branch. Thank you once again.

  • Tony mallen28th June 2011 10:49am

    WOW!!!! What more can I say. Frame delivered to you on the Monday. Frame back on my face Tuesday Morning. it was so quick, it never had a chance to show up on your tracker page. Well done.....

  • Michael Canavan23rd June 2011 5:27pm

    Posted Monday, confirmed arrival Wednesday AM, delivered to Hereford a
    ea Thursday 1030. Brilliant, fast service from you and the Post Office. Many thanks.

  • Sharan Bagal21st June 2011 9:45am

    I just received my D&G sunglasses and I am thrilled with the results. Thanks you very much.

  • Karen Lehmann15th June 2011 1:20pm

    Amazing service i sent my prada sunglasses down to you with my fingers crossed as they have been all over the world with me and i really couldn't think about parting with them back two days later in perfect condition. Just brilliant! I will be telling everyone about this!

  • Luis Leal1st June 2011 1:56pm

    My 3 pairs of Ray Ban glasses were sent to you on wednesday 25th May and received them back fully repaired on 27th May. Congratulations for the work and speed.

  • Kelvin Tse18th May 2011 4:49pm

    Thank you very much, very quick and good repair.

  • Sharanpal Jeetle14th May 2011 9:26pm

    An unbelievable service. My Lindberg titanium glasses were repaired perfectly with 48hrs. I don't even think my payment has cleared yet! I didn't think service like this existed.

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