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Ray-Ban glasses and sunglasses repair by AlphaOmega

AlphaOmega can restore Ray-Ban sunglasses right across the range. Our glasses specialists have years of experience in lens and frame restoration on all modern and vintage Ray-Ban models.

As an authorised official UK retailer for genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses, we have access to genuine and original replacement lenses, sunglasses frames and all special parts direct from the manufacturer. We can supply and repair all Ray-Ban replacement parts for all sunglasses models

We are confident we can replace or make good any accidental damage to your Ray-Ban lenses, bridges, arms, frames and more.

You can use our ENQUIRE ONLINE page to describe the Ray-Ban repairs you require and a member of the team will contact you within 24 hours to explain what we can do and how we can help restore your Ray-Ban glasses to perfect condition.

If you decide to use AlphaOmega, your Rayban repair will be given a unique tracking code, and you can then log onto our website at any time to check on the status of your Rayban repair.

Our in-house experts use the latest high-tech precision equipment in our purpose-built workshops to restore and repair broken sunglasses and spectacles from all over the UK.

And all Ray-Ban repairs carried out by our UK team are covered by the AlphaOmega unconditional guarantee. When required we use genuine Ray-Ban replacement parts including arms, nose pads and replacement lenses.

Alternatively, we can use the highest quality generic custom lenses and generic frame parts sourced from trusted international suppliers.

Expert repairs, low prices and fast turnaround times have kept AlphaOmega at number one in the UK for Ray-Ban frame repairs and lens replacement for more than 20 years.

About Ray-Ban sunglasses

Ray-Ban sunglasses are among the top three most popular brands in the world. They also boast the widest collection of styles in their range.

Ray-Ban is probably best known for their Aviator, Wayfarer and Clubmaster sunglasses. Ray-Ban sunglasses feature in hundreds of hit films since Audrey Hepburn wore them in the hit Hollywood movie Breakfast at Tiffany's in the 1960s.

These stylish shades have been around since the 1930s. The anti-glare Aviators, launched in 1936, were designed for US Air Force pilots, and they have now become a world classic.

Ray-Bans are considered to be artistic statements as much as fashion accessories, thanks to Ray-Ban's detailed approach to styling and it's unique flair for staying at the forefront of contemporary design.

Ray-Ban's celebrity following is so vast that it is folly to attempt to keep up. Fans include Heath Ledger, Al Pacino, Jude Law, Michael Jackson and Russell Brand.

Dependability and individuality are the core characteristics of the Ray-Ban brand and are also at the heart of their junior as well as their adult collections.

We fix all glasses and sunglasses produced by Ray-Ban and we have a great deal of experience with the modern Ray-Ban models such as 2027 Predator II: 2113 Sunglasses: 2132 New Wayfarer: 2140 Original Wayfarer: 3025 Aviator: 3194 Sunglasses: 3362 Aviator Style: 3384 Visor Wayfarer. We also fix all brands of broken spectacles and sunglasses in our specialist workshops including other luxury sunglasses manufacturers such as Prada, D&G, Oakley, Gucci and Armani.

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Rayban glasses repair — some of our satisfied customers


I cannot stress enough how good AlphaOmega was with me. How do I start? I sent them the glasses and apparently they were damaged through delivery. The representatives were so quick to respond, very professional and very apologetic, and offered to fix everything. I have never seen this type of customer care and I am really happy ... I would never ever hesitate to use AlphaOmega again.


Chipped the lens of my sunglasses. Paid for the parts and shipped the glasses. Replacement parts were ordered as soon as I paid and I had the glasses back in a week looking good as new. Because the spare lenses only come in pairs I got a spare of the undamaged lens back in the box. Exceptional service and I'll definitely use AlphaOmega again in future if I need another repair.


Smashed my RayBan sunglasses falling off my bike along with a broken cheekbone! Sent them to AlphaOmega for repair but didn't expect to get them back for my holiday as the lenses were coming from Italy. Just 15 minutes before the cab arrived for the airport my glasses were delivered, good as new. A great fast service.

Alison F. LONDON

Just a quick message to thank you for repairing my RayBan sunglasses. I thought the injury was fatal. I took them to several High Street opticians who all said they could not be fixed as it was too fragile and fiddly ... The repair is fantastic and unbelievably quick — 39 hours from the time I posted until they arrived back. An amazing service.