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AlphaOmega Frame repairs have a low-cost solution to repairing loose Oakley Juliet frames and getting them restored as good as new.

The expert staff at our sunglasses repair workshops have the specialised equipment needed to replace internal components and rebuild the nose bridge to restore the original flex.

AlphaOmega can repair Oakley Juliet frames to fit even more comfortably on the face. We can repair Juliet frames from as little as £55 (plus postage).


Many people who own Oakley Juliet sunglasses have reported problems with the nose bridge getting loose and wobbly.

Some buyers of these iconic Oakley frames suffer problems with the bridge piece, which seems to wobble instead of flex. The difficulty centres around the flex coupler and the rubber bush inserts that can perish over time.

Many owners fail to spot the problem until long after the warranty expires and they continue to wear 'wobbly' Juliets. Others try to fix the wobbly bridge themselves. There are even reports of Juliet owners chopping up rubber fan belts to wedge into gaps in the X bridge.

Don't try to fix Juliets yourself

We do not recommend a DIY repair of Oakley X Metal frames. The eyewear can lose its elastic properties and, although the wobble is fixed, the sunglasses sit rigidly on the face and are uncomfortable to wear.

Even professional repair is not straight forward. Oakley Juliet frames are manufactured individually so, though they look the same each, one is slightly different.

Oakley X Metal frames are difficult to take apart and to reassemble. The pins need a clear path of travel for proper alignment and must fit snugly into the bridge cavity for the Oakley flex coupler system to work.

A subtle sizing variation between sunglasses that can make this pin alignment a challenging task.

Oakley Juliets are precision engineered products. The video (right) produced by Oakley details all the work that goes into their manufacture.

X Metal Juliet sunglasses are one of Oakley's best selling models with a 25-piece metal frame that has an unbelievable strength to weight ratio.

The sunglasses are sculpted to fit the face using flexible frame temple shocks, interchangeable nose bombs and contoured lens orbitals.

Let AlphaOmega do a professional job

AlphaOmega can carry out a full nose bridge rebuild and repair on all Oakley X Metal frame eyewear.

This includes disassembling, cleaning, installing pins, flex couplers and orbital gaskets for all Oakley X Metal Juliet, XX, Penny and X-Squared sunglasses frames.

Specially designed tools and experienced staff ensures AlphaOmega can offer eyewear repairs in our workshops.

Your Oakley Juliets also get an ultrasonic clean and a thorough check over so you can be sure your restored Juliet frames are as good as new.