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A scratched or cloudy Ray-Ban lens needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Not only does it not look good, but damaged lenses can also affect vision in more ways than one.

In the worst cases, protective coatings can be compromised, and harmful UV light rays can get through to the retina with potential long-term damage to the eyes.

However, buying a new pair of Ray-Bans just because a lens is damaged is a very expensive option. Online retailers like AlphaSunglasses can sell genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses at discount prices, but simply replacing the lens will still cost a lot less.

One of the most efficient ways of replacing a damaged Ray-Ban lens is to post the sunglasses off to AlphaOmega Glasses Repair.

Expert and experienced staff will know exactly what you need, and you will probably have your glasses back in just a couple of days.

Most of the costs of a Ray-Ban lens replacement will be the price of the lens itself. Genuine Ray-Ban lenses have to be ordered from the factory in Italy, and they don't come cheap, but it will be cheaper than a new pair of shades.

Some people might be tempted to try to replace the damaged lens at home, without the correct tools and with no experience.

To be honest, it's not a difficult job, but mistakes may prove even more expensive if both frame and new Ray-Ban lens are damaged in a botched attempt at DIY.

If you are prepared to take the chance our experts at AlphaOmega can at least offer you a few tips but with the advice that you should let the professionals do it for you.

Order the genuine Ray-Ban lens

The first step is to be sure that you order the correct replacement part.

When ordering genuine Ray-Ban spare parts, you will need to identify the specification codes located on the temple of the sunglasses.

For any Ray-Ban sunglasses replacement part, you will generally need the model code, colour code and lens size. The style code is usually a four digit code preceded by the capital letters RB. A typical style code for a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators, for example, would be RB3025.

The colour code can be digits or a mix of digits and letters such as 088/3F for some types of Aviators or 901 for some Wayfarer models.

The lens size is normally two pairs of numbers on either side of a square symbol. The numbers are usually 50 or 52, sometimes 58 depending on the model.

Original Ray-Ban lenses are not cheap, so it pays to make sure you have the correct replacements when ordering.

Removing the damaged lens

Removing the old lens is pretty straight forward, but you must take car not to damage the frame in doing so.

Hold your Ray-Bans facing you and the arms pointing away hold them firmly in both hands by the bridge and arm hinge on each side of the damaged lens.

Press on the lens gently with your outer thumb until the lens springs out of the frame. The lens may not come out easily, and the pressure may need to be quite firm. It is important that the frame is properly supported, so it doesn't snap.

The staff at AlphaOmega have specialist equipment that will hold the frame firmly and safely while this operation is carried out. At home, you will only have our hands, so it's necessary to keep a very firm grip.

If the lens stays firmly put, it may help to dip a plastic frame into warm water for a minute or so to 'soften' it up a little. Use hot tap water and not boiling water to do this.

Inserting a new lens

The operation for inserting a new lens is much the same but in reverse. The sunglasses should now be facing away from you with the arms pointing towards you.

Position the lens against the frame and wrap your fingers around the bridge and arm hinge with both thumbs pressed gently against the lens.

Push gently against the lens, holding the frame firmly in pace, and it should pop neatly into place. Keep applying gentle pressure all around the edge of the lens to ensure it is seated firmly and properly inside the frame.

Ray-Ban repairs by AlphaOmega

AlphaOmega is the leading sunglasses repair workshop in the UK and had repaired thousands of spectacles and sunglasses to the great satisfaction of our customers.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and fast turnaround and have hundreds of testimonials from delighted clients which you can see here.

Many customer place great value on their sunglasses, not only because they are expensive to replace but also because they can have sentimental value too.

We order our Ray-Ban parts directly from the manufacturer and can guarantee that all our replacement lenses are genuine and original Ray-Bans.

We are confident enough in our expertise to offer a full, no quibble, a 12-month warranty on all repairs carried out in our workshops so you can be confident of getting only the best service from AlphaOmega Frame Repairs.